Proposing To A Girl Who Doesn’t Like Rings

She Doesn’t Want a Ring. How Do I Propose?


What do I do if the girl I want to propose to doesn’t like jewelry at all? She doesn’t wear rings or necklaces.I know she would really hate wearing a ring with any stone in the middle. I think she could live with a wedding band but what do I PROPOSE with? Any ideas would be appreciated. :wacko:

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Dear Helpme,

Go to your jeweler they should have a band with diamonds all around or a band that has small diamonds embedded in the ring. This way the ring won’t have any stones protruding outward and it will still be beautiful. You can also ask your jeweler about designing a ring special for her.

An engagement ring is a symbol of how much you love her and that you want to spend the rest of your life with her so she will love it no matter what.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Proposing,

You may wish to propose without a ring. Many ladies wish to help choose their rings. You could choose three to five rings within your budget and have those set aside. When you arrive with your lady, those could be brought out for her to decide which suits her.

Marriage is a collaborative lifestyle, why not begin now.

Best wishes,

Donna, Wedding Queen

You don’t necessarily need a ring for the proposal. Write her a romantic letter or poem, profess your undying love and ask her. Perhaps, instead of a ring, you could hand her a single rose with a note attached explaining your understanding of her feelings about jewelry. Then you can go out shopping for a ring alternative to signify your commitment.

If she’s the type to get a tattoo here is a blog we we wrote on wedding band tattoos.

Fellow Bride

Theres no need to have something to propose with if she isn’t into that kind of stuff. I don’t have an engagement ring and we will just be buying the wedding rings. I’m perfectly happy with it.

You know your girl and you know what she would like. If she’s not into rings then theres no need to get one.

Fellow Bride

I love this website! You get the BEST advice here. I agree with all the wonderful advice above. But I insert my own experience here… I’m not a big jewelry fan, myself. But we spoke about getting engaged for a few months. Finally, we went ring shopping together. It was really special when we found the ring. It’s a solitare, small diamond; simple and very beautiful. For us, shopping together was the best plan…

Donna, Wedding Queen

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