Thank your bridesmaids by offering them the right gift

Weddings are always a difficult thing to plan, because there are too many things you have to take care of. But, if you are in a point in which the dress, the groom’s suit, the location or the band are settled, then buying the small details such as the bridesmaid thank you gift won’t represent such a chore. Of course that the beginning is always hard, but if you consider our pieces of advice you will surely do a great job. Therefore, in what follows we will try to guide you in the right direction, towards finding the suitable bridesmaid thank you gift.

Your bridesmaids have stood by you during the most important stages of your wedding, i.e. before the ceremony, while planning your nuptials and during the wedding. Thus you must offer them a beautiful gift, as a sign of gratitude, a gift that will surely please them, in order to thank them properly. The first idea that comes in our minds is a jewellery item.

Women love bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and so on, therefore your gift will be more than appreciated, it will be adored, loved and worn with a great honour because they would know that they have “served” you good in their task of bridesmaid. So, the £15 charm bracelet trimmed with silver, gold and crystal beads with a beautiful hanging heart will surely be enough to thank them.

Another gift that will rise to all expectations would be the £12.50 silver compact mirror.

You could adorn thins beautiful thank you gift with floral details, if you are planning a floral themed wedding or with crystal beads in order to suggest the femininity and the elegance of your bridesmaids.

What other innocent way to say thank you to your bridesmaid than offering her a fluffy bear wearing a nice jumper with embroidered flower or heart. This £14.85 thank you gift will be suitable especially if your maid of honour has maintained the young spirit.

However, if none of the ideas mentioned above suits your tastes, than you could offer to buy tickets to a romantic movie, or a day at Spa. In that way you will have the chance to spend a day together before the big wedding.

In the end, keep in mind that the gift is less important as long as the thanks come from the heart!