Shot glasses wedding favours are ideal for your nuptials!

Choosing the wedding favours can be a really stressful and annoying task, especially if you can not decide which wedding theme to pick. This task gets even stressful because brides want to offer something unique and special, while on the other hand grooms want to purchase some manly gifts. But, no matter how hard it may seem to combine these preferences, don’t panic because there is always a solution. The ideal present that we have in mind comes in the shape of the personalized shot glass wedding favours.

We believe that these represent the perfect solution to your problems, because since they are personalized they also have a unique design, and the groom will also be happy with this choice since they fit in the category of manly gifts. The female contribution is noticeable on the glass’ unique and delicate design.

You should know that these wedding favours are not pricy. For example, you may buy a classic shot glass, portraying the image of the bride and the groom, their names and the date of their wedding, at the price of only $0.79. So, we advise you to stop hesitating, in order not to loose this incredible deal!

These shot glasses favours are also perfect for your bachelorette party!

These favours, which have a nice design and a funny message: “Last fling before the ring!”, or “Girls night out!” may be purchased at $1.59.

The reason why you should purchase these shot glasses is because they can have a multiple function: your guests can use them as shot glasses or as candle holders. Such a perfect glass would be one having a beach message and a beach design above your names and your wedding date. These beautifully personalized wedding favours are available at $0.99.

Tequila shot glasses would also be a perfect idea for your wedding favours. Besides their names and wedding date, this glass presents a loving bride and gentle groom dancing their romantic waltz. So, pick these $0.99 glasses which will perfectly fit your romantic wedding.

And our last suggestion is a wedding shot glass favour whose image stands for pure and innocent love and for the beauty of friendship. If you are interested in buying such a wedding favour you should know that it is available at $1.19.

Go for these favours because they are funny, practical and ideal for your nuptials!