How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming to your big day, but even personalised, expensive or painstakingly DIY items can end up being unused or unuseful.

The secret to wedding favors isn’t necessarily about what you spend or the way they look, and more about how they speak to your guests. To make sure you get it right, consider these tips:

Follow Your Theme

Cute, rustic or DIY favors can be amazing, but if your theme is Hollywood Glamour, they may fall flat. Before you buy or create, make sure they fit with your day. For example, if you’re planning a festival styled soiree, choose personalised wristbands or sunglasses. Or you could go along with your color theme and choose pastel hue candy or gold dusted chocolates.

Seasonal Selections

Similarly to theme, it may be a good idea to relate your wedding date to your favors. For spring weddings, be inspired by nature with flowers, honey or bunches of lavender. On the other hand, winter weddings offer a completely different color palette. Go for mistletoe, mini gingerbread houses, s’mores kits, or cinnamon scented candles.

Age Appropriate: Adults Versus Children

It can be easy to make one standard favor for all of your wedding guests, but it’s important to remember age groups. While a personalised bottle of liquor (Just Miniatures Limited offer an amazing selection), or a next-day hangover kit may be great for adults, they’re definitely not appropriate for little ones. Instead, select crayons and coloring books, build-your-own Lego figure set, or an activity bag filled with bubbles and mini games.

Do a Trial Run

While those bath products may look heavenly, chocolates look delicious or packaging may look adorable, what you see on screen can be very different from the finished product. Always be safe and ask for a sample. That way you can make sure everything smells, looks and tastes as it should, rather than splashing the cash on dozens of awful favors.

Reduce Your Stress

Make your favors pay for themselves and use them to decorate your table as seating cards, or by placing them on your seating chart. Add guest name tags to sweet treats, decorations or activities, for favors that will be used all day. You’ll find heaps of place setting wedding favor inspiration online!

Wedding favors can be a hassle, but they don’t need to be. Stick to these simple tips and your favors will never fall flat.