Wedding items in heart themes

Brides that choose for their wedding a romantic decor with the hearts as a central motif, are definitely romantic natures and would love to do something special for their dream wedding. A romantic theme will fit best their style and personality and will sure leave them everlasting gorgeous memories.

Wedding dress and bouquet. Start with your wedding dress, which would be a declaration of eternal love. Accessorize it with all kind of hearts: organza, silk taffeta. Grab your hearts in her hair, wear necklaces with pendants that are delicate, heart-shaped and, last but not least, pick a bouquet matching your heart shaped wedding!

The bride could also wear heart-shaped jewelry. For example you could wear necklaces with heart pendants, rings with heart-shaped rocks, earrings with the same motif, or even hair jewelry with matching elements of the chosen theme.

Wedding invitations and floral arrangements. Either you use for decorating, the whole rose, or just the petals, heart shaped balloons, crystal hearts, the effect that creates such a setting is absolutely passionate. Here are some suggestions and tips to implement this theme: choose a location with an architectural style with chandeliers, mirrors, red velvet curtains and red carpet. For religious ceremony, sprinkle the road to the altar with hundreds of petals and confetti in the shape of hearts. There are just a few elements that will assure a triumphal entry to the church.

Cake, cake kit and cake figurines

Completes the “heart” look of your wedding. Decorate everything with hearts, whether it is in several colors, or in a single color. Remember strawberries with icing chocolate will be the most attractive heart of the party. Choose an elegant model for the cake and decorate it with marzipan and natural roses!

Jewelry box, knock, bookmarks and photo frames and other options for pieces in the shape of hearts for testimonials are endless. For example, you could offer your guests heart-shaped spoons. It is a gift that may prove to be useful even in time. These romantic tablespoons, if they will ever be used, it will certainly will at least a smile in the corner of his mouth thanks to their form.

Do not forget that all the elements presented above are key-elements of the wedding. They all work together to make both, you and your guests to have a magic night, a night that you will all remember in a certain, special way. Nothing is too hard if you love what you do. Do not make compromises and try to take care yourself of every aspect related to your wedding. This is your night, your dream, your fantasy.