Flower and plant favours are ideal for your nuptials!

When it comes to wedding favours everyone wants to be unique, original, creative and also elegant. Therefore, from these desires begins the search after the one-of-a-kind wedding gift that would impress the wedding attendants. Well, in the following lines, we have prepared a special surprise, especially for those planning a floral wedding ceremony.

We believe that if the emphasized element at your wedding would be represented by the beauty of flowers, well then you should offer your guests some floral and plant favours. It will really be a one of a kind gift, which they will get to keep forever, as long as they will treat their plant well.

So, as you have imagined the first reason why you should offer such an exquisite present is due to the theme of your wedding. To be frank, we believe that your guests will be happy to receive something like that, because everyone loves flowers for their perfume, beauty, delicacy and naturalness. So, you can offer some bright bulbs of tulips, if you fancy these flowers, and your guests will have to do their best to take care of their natural favour.

A clever idea would be to offer some matchbooks with seeds! The best thing is that you can write on these elements, your names and the date of your wedding, alongside the name of the flower or some special words addressed to your friends.

So, the second reason why this gift would be very appropriate is because of the fact that the memory of your wedding will never be forgotten, but it will always be there on the form of forget-me-not flowers. Thus, go for this floral idea and you surely won’t fail to impress your wedding attendants.

Originality is the third reason, which we chose to note down as decisive for the purchase of such blossoming favours. The truth is that you will achieve to leave a romantic, delicate and passionate impression to your guests if you will offer them some potted rose favours. So, think about the idea of offering some miniature rose bushes and you will see that it is quite something extraordinary to give you friends a memory that will last many years in the form of some adorable blooms.

All in all, you should really go for the idea of having some plant favours, because it is quite unique, special, elegant and adorable!