What is the Etiquette About Wedding Favors – Do I Have to Have Them?

Firstly, and allow us to repeat, wedding favors are not a necessity. In fact, if there’s one space to cut the budget, it’s here.

Let’s be honest, if it’s not edible, most wedding favors quickly find their way to the trash or lost in the shuffle of life. And if it is edible, just use that money to amp up the dinner or desserts! Don’t feel obligated to go with this tradition if it doesn’t feel important to you. There are a lot of other ways to show detail to the wedding and appreciation to your guests including handwritten thank you cards, welcome bags, and more.

We feel as though wedding favors are not required to have an amazing wedding celebration, especially since the majority of your guests probably won’t even notice that the monogrammed knick-knacks never showed up to the party. But, if you do feel as though you need to go with a wedding favor to commemorate the night, we’re still voting for something deliciously memorable such as cookies and milk for the road or a classic Bloody Mary kit for the next morning.

Now, Let’s Talk Etiquette

For those that feel as though their wedding is not complete without a favor to seal the deal, there is some etiquette that one should follow and we’ve created an easy-to-peruse list of non-negotiables. Check them out below:

  1. Choose something meaningful and functional: Do not go with a traditional monogrammed koozie or bag of M&M’s. Instead, truly think about what you find to be a meaningful accompaniment to the day. Is it functional for the guests to use sometime during the celebration (we’re thinking flip flops or sunglasses for a beach ceremony or a blanket for chilly fall nights)? Meaningful could also translate into something representative of you as a couple (we’re thinking of donations to a local charity), something that’s really personalized and special. If this isn’t something you can think of off the top of your head, move your favor budget into a different part of the reception to make a bigger splash. Use it to amp up the entertainment, drink budget, or even rent a photo booth!
  2. Caution yourself from DIYs: Unless you are Martha Stewart or a full-time chef, we caution you from spending too much money and time on crafting your own favors or whipping them up in the kitchen. Let’s face. You don’t need the extra stress!
  3. Eco-friendly is trendy: We’re all about wildflower seed packets or mini succulents for the guests. Not only is this idea trendy, but it also won’t cost you an arm and a leg and it doesn’t involve a lot of waste at the end of the day.
  4. Talk presentation: How will your favors be given to your guests? Make this a part of the reception scheme and think about how you can infuse personality and memory into the set-up.
  5. Say thanks: Make sure that you grab the mic or grab a pen to personalize this favored thank you. Whether it’s a tag, a mini card, or as your hostess begins to pass the edible gifts around the room as you give a sincere toast, it’s important to add this to the overview.

More Helpful Information

Other Expert Opinions

“If you’ve been wondering whether or not brides and grooms still give out wedding favors, the simple answer is yes. But as anyone who’s been to a wedding in the last few years knows, what constitutes a favor has definitely evolved over time. Gone are the days of monogrammed candies and wasteful tchotchkes that’ll end up in the garbage. Now, couples are more interested in giving their guests something meaningful that’ll remind them of the experience they had at your wedding, or else something edible they can enjoy right away.” – Martha Stewart Weddings

Other Things To Keep In Mind

Wedding favors should be meaningful. Choosing to give wedding favors should not be out of obligation. You should give them because they have significance and meaning to you. It should represent you as a couple. Your guests should be able to remember your wedding and your gesture of gratitude.

Wedding favors should be useful. Find something that they can use at home. Candles are a good example of a useful wedding favor. Aside from being easy to personalize, they’ll surely remember your wedding every time they light it up.

Wedding favors should be beautifully presented. Arrange your wedding favors beautifully in a table for another picture-perfect spot for your wedding. Or you can opt to have it distributed on each table adding to the aesthetics of your reception. The timely distribution of your wedding favors also matters a lot. Make sure you have ordered 20% more to ensure everyone will be given one.

Wedding favors should contain a sweet note from the couple. Don’t just send away your bridal team and guests with an item. A simple note of gratitude for their presence, time, and support will cause you to be remembered more than just having to take home a gift. Keep your note simple, short but heartfelt.

Wedding favors should be bought in bulk. Want to save money on your wedding favors? Then choose to buy items in bulk. This is especially true for the edible items.” – Forever Wedding Favors