Q: How Should I Choose Bridesmaid Dresses?

Make the hunt for bridesmaid dresses easier on yourself by utilizing the following tips:

  • Do Your Research: Use apps, magazines, and lookbooks that let you view literally thousands of dresses. Bookmark your favorites, share them with friends and family, and find what’s available in your area. You might also want to tack favorite images to an “inspiration board.”
  • Order Your Dress: Order your wedding gown before making any final bridesmaid dress decisions. The bridesmaids dresses you choose have to match the the style of your dress, after all!
  • Think Of The Cost: Keep the cost of your chosen bridesmaid dresses in mind. You don’t want your closest friends and family to shell out a small fortune just to be in your wedding, do you? Find affordable, stylish gowns everyone will love, or use options such as Rent The Runway. Let your favorite girls pick from the site, or simply tell them the color you want so they can purchase affordable dresses in their price range.
  • Give Them Time: Give your bridesmaids about six months to order their dresses and ensure they fit. It generally takes two to three months for orders to arrive and four to six weeks for alterations. Remind your bridesmaids that it’s much easier for them to purchase slightly larger dresses and have them fitted than the other way around.
  • Choose Dress Shade: Pick the shade of the bridesmaid dresses based in part on the season of your nuptials. For example, if you’re getting hitched in the summer, go for pale pinks or yellows, or even floral dresses. If marrying in the fall, think rich hues such as emerald and red. Look for shades that go with just about every skin tone as well.
  • Remember Lingerie: Don’t forget about the right underwear. Depending on the dress, some of your bridesmaids may need more support. Body shapers might be necessary to avoid unflattering undergarment issues.