Guest Attire For 5:30 pm Sunday Summer Wedding Country Club Ceremony And Reception

What To Wear To A Summer Afternoon Wedding

My husband and I, who are youthful senior citizens, have been invited to a late-afternoon/evening wedding and reception in a country club setting. No dress code was specified, but the invitation itself was very formal, and both families are Armenian. I think I would be safe in a below-the-knee satin cocktail dress (pink or bronze) with very modest rhinestone accents, but I wonder if I should consider a longer or perhaps black gown. My husband owns a tuxedo that could pass for a suit if it weren’t for the absence of belt loops and the satin stripe on the pants. Should he wear different pants, or could he get by with this more discreet tuxedo look?

Expert: Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Most likely there will be a mixture of attire choices as this could be fairly formal with guests in tuxes and ladies in longer gowns. But, I would imagine that most would wear suits and cocktail attire as you suggested with your first choice of dress. This is probably more the case since the invitation didn’t specify “formal attire”. Either choice would be fine though as I do imagine that guests will be all over the formal map with this one. Thank you!

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Expert: Jodi R R Smith, The Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting

No need to guess! Call the bride, groom or their parents. Mention how much you are looking forward to the event and ask if they expect guests to be in gowns & tuxedos or cocktail dresses and suits. You are fortunate to have either or already in your closet. Warmly, Jodi R. R. Smith

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