Top 4 Bridal Shower Trends for 2014

Weddings in 2014 have been a significantly different style than 2013 and the same holds true for bridal showers. The great thing about bridal shower trends is that they follow the wedding trends very closely.

Here are the Top 4 Bridal Shower Themes and Trends that have emerged in 2014.

bridal shower trends 2014
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Woodland Theme – One of the hottest trends in bridal showers for 2014 is the woodland theme with floral crowns and table numbers made of wood. Throwing a woodland themed bridal shower is actually much easier than you would imagine.

  • Possible Locations: City Park, Camping Spot, or Backyard
  • Decorations Ideas: Floral headbands, Pine Cones, Tree stumps for chairs, rustic centerpieces, twigs and branches.
  • Bridal Shower Invitations: Rustic Design with wood or craft pattern background.

Bright Colors Theme – Bright and vibrant colors are back in for 2014. Don’t be afraid to mix bright yellows with vibrant pinks and reds to make your bridal shower strand out.

  • Possible Locations: Home, Event Center, or Restaurant
  • Decoration Ideas: Balloons, Brightly colored beverages, flowers, Bunting Banners, Fine China with bold napkin color.
  • Bridal Shower Invitations: Simple classic design with bright accent color for the border and important text.

Sparkle Theme – Every girl like things that sparkle. That sparkle can be anything from a diamond to glitter on her nails. A sparkle themed bridal shower makes for a very fun look that any girl can appreciate.

Possible Locations: Home, Event Center, or Restaurant

Decoration Ideas: tiaras, glitter, sparking champagne or sparking pink lemonade, nail polish, Christmas lights, sequins

Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas: Bright and fun with glitter lettering or glitter background.


Floral Theme – There are not many things in this world more beautiful than a flower; except for a bridal shower using them as the main theme. There are so many different types of flowers and each bride will have a different style or favorite flower so each floral themed shower will be completely unique.

  • Possible Locations: City Park, Botanical Garden, Nursery, or Backyard
  • Decoration Ideas: Bouquet centerpieces, floral chains, balloons, ivy, wreaths
  • Bridal Shower Invitations: Select an invitation with the same flower that will be used as the main flower at the party.