Ideas for wedding invitations

The wedding invitation is the first messenger of your event and the first impression that the guests make in what concerns the two of you. It’s very important that this wedding invitation represents the both of you and it’s unique in its particular manner and dear to you.

This is why you have to think with attention before making a pick, accordingly to the people who are going to invite to your wedding. Accordingly to your personal desires you can opt for classic wedding invitations or personalized invitations for every guest, accordingly to the relation that you have with that person.

You have to take into account first of all the way in which you want the wedding to take place. So, if you want a romantic wedding the invitation can have different and delicate patterns made with flowers or hearts, typed with gold and at the end you can discretely perfume it.
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A great wedding is announced through an invitation that is made of top quality paper, with handwriting that can be felt and it ca be offered similarly to different documents with royal role, which have attached an elegant ribbon next to them.

A less formal wedding has in itself an invitation, which can be comic or completed with a text that has the same importance.

A modern wedding and non conventional in the same time cane be announced through a game invitation, one that offers the impression that it has been made by a child with graphic representations like caricatures.

Accordingly to the personality of the couple and their desires, there is a big palette of options and it’s designed for all tastes.

The types in which you can personalize the invitations are numerous. You can try to attach on the cover an image with your figures and you can place on the background of the text such an image.

Also, you can place on the satin thread from the invitation for your name and the date of the wedding. Or you can try a model less sophisticated, which brings to the idea of the old papyruses from old times, in the interior of which you have a personalized text.

Another idea would be to add as many pictures of two of you as you possibly can in the different moments of your life. You can do the invitation so personal, that you can add some of your words that you used to say when you were little children, or something that brings you really close to the guests – the only thing that depends is the time available that you have for these.

If you can’t manage you can ask for the help of professionals, you can order online personalized invitations or you can ask for the help of a friend, which has an artistic talent and he or she can offer you many pieces of advice concerning the manner in which you can accessorize the wedding invitations.