Wedding invitations inspired by the reception choice

Choosing the location of the wedding reception and not only, is really important in the process of wedding planning. Also, this detail can help you define the entire concept of the event. In this sense, the wedding invitations can catch a little bit of the location where the wedding reception takes place.
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These being said, how about we share with you some useful ideas on how you can express the location of the wedding reception through the wedding invitations and it’s a really great way of doing it.

wedding invitations inspired by the reception choiceCredit
Wedding invitations inspired by the reception choice

Here are some examples of spots and placed in which it can take part and it’s important to make sure that you get exactly the idea….

The historical space

If you want to feel like a true princess in the bridal day, wanting to organize a wedding reception in a castle or a space that has something to do with history, then go until the end and exploit this idea as much as you can. Opt for wedding invitations that have a vintage inspiration, in which you use fonts that are really similar to handwriting. You place all your ideas and thoughts on a sheet of paper that looks old and it’s made in dusty colors.

Also, as useful details and elements we would recommend you to apply for chandelier details or all kinds of patterns that imitate those well known fences with models in the past century. Besides this, there’s also the medieval inspiration, which goes further than vintage details and you now have to recall elements like fairytales and not only….

The open air wedding

If you have decided even from the very start to make your wedding reception in an open air space, then we think that you have got all kinds of details and elements that can seem really useful and inspire you for creating these cardboard piece.

Wedding invitations inspired by the reception choiceCredit
Wedding invitations inspired by the reception choice

So, you should try, first of all, to apply for natural details, which are taken directly from nature. Which means integrating elements that you can find from the natural décor of your wedding, such as leaves, flowers, trees, all of these details being popular and well known when it comes to the wedding invitations…. For catching the atmosphere, it would be a great idea to maintain all of these elements and details as close to the natural formula as possible and not to go towards the other side, in the minimalist tone. In what concerns the colors, green, yellow or orange, all as close as possible towards the tones that you can find in nature, these should find their perfect place on your wedding invitations.

A wedding reception in a modern space

In the case in which you have chosen your own modern space, empty, in which you organize the wedding reception, then you practically have lots of ideas that you can play with, and this is accordingly to your own tastes. But if you have picked a really modern space for the wedding reception, then you are probably enchanted by the idea of modern art. Use some wedding invitations that can be related to your modern tastes in the arts, in which you use straight lines or stylish objects. We also recommend the use of personalized colors, which means applying for your favorite nuances and tones.

Wedding invitations inspired by the reception choiceCredit
Wedding invitations inspired by the reception choice

Another great idea that we have to share with you in what concerns the modern wedding invitations is that you can realize these in different shapes and the envelopes as well – this is certainly something that makes the difference and it’s really unique in the same time.

A ballroom wedding reception

In the case in which you have decided to organize the wedding reception in a ballroom, help your guests pick their clothing easier by announcing where you have decided to make the big event, through the hints used on the wedding invitations.

We recommend, in this case, the use of sober elements, but not too boring, which indicates the pick of a black – tie wedding. you can use some frames that have baroque inspiration, ribbons that are made of satin or crystals. In other words, if a ballroom is the pick for the wedding reception, then you have to invest some extra money in the invitations as well.

In what concerns the colors for such a type of wedding invitations, we totally suggest the use of a classic palette of colors, the main suggestions that we have for you are white, black, blue, gold in different combinations!