Some Unique Wedding Invitation Designs


Your wedding is an incredibly special time in your life, so we understand that every single detail matters to you. You pick a color scheme and a theme and put an incredible amount of effort in, hoping for it to be your perfect day and that your guests will enjoy the occasion as well. One of the ways that you can convey your taste and theme to your guests, as well as to get them excited about the event and to know a little of what to expect on the day, is to put it right there in the wedding invitation with your own personal style.

For the Destination Wedding

We came across this destination wedding invitation idea and thought that it was as cool as a tropical drink in your hand. To amp up the destination appeal, the invitations were printed to look like flight boarding passes. We found this idea to be simple but fantastic because it gets your guests in an excited pre-travel mood that makes them start counting down the days before your wedding.

For the Mysterious Appeal

Obviously since everyone knows about the engagement, they expect a wedding invitation in the mail as the days go by. But this neat idea got us thinking quite a bit about personalization and going beyond print. The printed invitation was only a card with a website URL, and nothing else. The guests had to go and visit the website URL to see what this whole thing was about. Once they did, they were directed towards an incredibly beautifully designed and extraordinarily personal wedding website. This hosted not only the invitation details and allowed the guests to RSVP, but they could also sign up to do something as part of the wedding program, could browse the wedding registry, and had opportunities to leave comments and funny stories about the bride and groom, as well as browse through a large selection of pictures of the couple.

All of this clicking through gets your guests incredibly involved in the whole invitation process, and it ensures that no one can really “lose” their invitation. With so many beautiful templates out there to choose from, this type of invitation is incredibly easy to make and is always unique and personal. See here to get started if this is your type of idea. Of course an attention-grabbing invitation is just one of the many ways to make  your wedding more memorable, but we think it can be a pretty effective one if done right.