Vintage Wedding Invitations 2

When do you apply for vintage wedding invitations?

Of course, in the moment in which you decide to choose such a theme for the entire wedding…. But you might as well choose such wedding invitations if you don’t have any idea on what style to apply for in the big day. You can change your idea throughout the time and choose another theme for the bridal day, this won’t involve any problems.

The style of a vintage wedding invitation

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Vintage Wedding Invitations

In the latest periods, more and more couples tend to apply for such wedding themes for the big day, in the attempt of being original and wanting to make the difference. You can remain with an original bridal day, as long as you pick the right details – it seems that more and more people apply for vintage wedding themes, this theme seems to be like a trend.

So stands in the case of your vintage wedding invitations. You think that you cannot be original with your pick, but in fact, you can, as long as you put your own print on these wedding invitations.

The colors for the vintage wedding invitations

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Vintage Wedding Invitations

The vintage wedding invitations are usually really “serious” looking and the details involved in them are usually really simple, you can observe elements taken from the past decades, which are mixed with flower details and strong colors like brown, black, dark red, kaki, green, deep purple, dark green and even orange. So, these are the general tones used in the wedding invitations and the details engaged on these are all about fineness and getting back a little bit of those periods through “a piece of cardboard”.
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Details attached to the vintage wedding invitations

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Vintage Wedding Invitations

In case you have decided only on some wedding invitations that are realized in a simple way, with the appropriate writing as to recall of the vintage periods, then we find appropriate for you to add some specific details as to make the future wedding guests recall of those years. Use pearls, not original of course, or you can make butterflies or flowers of paper that looks as if it’s old – this is the cheapest and playful manner that one can apply for and in the same time you have lots of fun, while you adorn the wedding invitations.