Wedding invitations

The invitation to your wedding is like a little guide to your festivity. It speaks about the place and date; the people involved and describe the theme chosen by you! As your celebration place is organized the way you wanted, these little cards must resemble to the grand ceremony… how does a magic festivity look like? Air planes, balloons, butterflies and (why not?) hearts! Love is in the air, remember?!
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The invitation must be attractive to the eye, it must contain information about the attendance to the ceremony and also a hint about how does the party is going to be like! Even if you do the invitations by yourself, these must be arranged at the littlest detail. It doesn`t matter if you don`t have money to order them, if you do the cards by your own hands it would be much more interesting and surely appreciated! What the conditions may be you must take care of every detail!


Before you start you should browse for ideas and materials that are needed, in order to create some nice invitations! You can also ask a company that makes these kinds of assets; they are obliged to give information to their customers…after you do these processes, scan very well your options and make sure you take the right decisions!

If you are a person that laughs a lot you may chose from a range of funny invitations, very colorful in which the main characters are you, the future married couple! Those who will receive your wedding invitations will be very pleased to see your ingenuity! By the way, did you know that adding a picture with the couple on the invitations is in trend now? You can also add you picture on the balloons, table cards and the list may continue…

Do you both have a highlighted romantic side? You can try to use floral, cosmic or motifs from nature to underline your sensibility! There are many things that can be put on your invitations denoting romanticism and by these you surely will impress your guests!

Another inventive idea is that of making your invitations of wax and writing a cute text with some transparent features, like carved on a wall! This is a very interesting option, don`t you think so?

Speaking of inventive ideas, you may find it interesting to make your invitations like little boxes and offer a sweet in it or a little written paper looking like a papyrus!

As you see, there are many options for you and your loved one, if you want an inspired wedding invitation you should think of the idea mentioned above or if you have much more interesting ideas why don`t you share them with others?!