Wedding invitations beautifully colored

There are people that feel inspired by colors, so they take this wonderful feature and play with it in their own wedding! How does the idea of having colored wedding invitations sound? It sounds great for those that aren`t into the classical stuff and a tempting thing for those who want to, but don`t dare to pass over their own limits!


You can use colors and be classical in the same time! Having an invitation with the exterior cover as a frame and on the interior side of this frame you can have a golden motif! This sounds very classical, but this golden model will certainly suit perfectly with a dark blue! This is a rather serious invitation by its aspect, but daring to use strong colors sounds good!

Using hearts, especially lively colored hearts sounds also great! The heart is a symbol of love so it`s great if you use it! What color suits better to this motif? Well, red! Try combining read hearts with golden circular shapes, and you`ll see what you`re going to obtain! A nicely colored and modeled wedding invitation!

A sweet fade orange suits perfectly to a wedding invitation as long as it`s used with hearts and some golden dots or lines here and there! Use also a ribbon that unites the two covers! You can have the hearts placed on the entire margin in different sizes!


This kind of invitation looks sweet and you certainly can`t refuse it if it happens to come by mail or even brought by the future married ones! And speaking of different sizes of hearts placed on the margin, you can have this type of invitation in a pistachio green color and use for the hearts a pistachio gold! It sounds tempting and tasty in the same time, doesn`t it?

Opting for a blue and white invitation doesn`t sound that colorful, but it may be tempting for some of us! Using our favorite nuance of blue to place colors on the invitations and don`t forget to use some circular themes too, it makes the exterior mild, because you`ve used a cold nuance and it doesn`t look attractive! And let`s not forget that blue, besides going great with gold, it also suits silver too!

Besides the colors and models you use, you may want to thing of a special shape for the invitation or you can pick a nice looking envelope! But try to make the envelope suit the invitation! Choosing an interesting shape for your invitation can cause too many details that create an unpleasant for the eye! As long as you use matching colors and models, make sure you do a great job in making everything match! It`s up to you if you want to go for a classic model or a modernist view for your invitations!


No matter, what colors, models or motifs you use make sure you aren`t kitsch and your guests will be pleased to receive your invitation, and maybe keep it as a memory!