Wedding invitations with floral motifs

Besides the golden invitations that were suggested some articles before, you also have the variant of the invitations with models of flowers! These types of invitations are not that expensive and are both elegant and give a warm feeling in the same time! Here you have some suggestions you may want to read and make a general idea regarding the wedding invitations that have flowers on them!


Daisies are nice flowers and can be found in several colors. To give a warm impression, like the fact that you count on the presence of your guests, you can use warm textures and nuances, such as yellow, orange, orange- red and so on!
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
You can have a floral motif on the exterior cover of the invitation, make in the centre and besides these flowers you can have a small motif made out of a circular line, curls, elegant and attractive in the same time! You can use also a daisy in the centre of the invitations, without its branches, it can be in a white color and as you open the invitation the daisy remains on the interior cover of the invitations, where you have placed the characters!

The most appropriate color can be ivory, and in order for the card not to be nude, you can place here and there some small daisies, like small motifs, also in an ivory nuance!


A fade green can also be an appropriate color for your card! You can place floral motifs in an ivory nuance! Make the invitation`s exterior cover like a frame; on this frame place these flowers, that look like nice prints, and on the interior side of two parallel margins! Certainly the invitation will look jolly and your guests will be pleased of receiving such an invitation!

Roses are also nice flowers that can be used as motifs for wedding invitations! You can have a rose, placed in a square that unites the two covers of the invitations in triangular shape! Use colors like fade pink and fade yellow; it will look tempting and sweet in the same time! You can have the rose in a golden nuance that matches perfectly the fade yellow!

Violet can be a great color for a wedding invitation as long as it is used with nice motifs! You can have a silvery rose on one part of the cover and cut the margin in the shape of the rose. What will happen to the rest of the cover? Well, different motifs can be used and fill nicely and elegant this part of invitation: circular forms and shapes that have between them a silvery point! The invitation is violet on the outside and ivory in the inside! You can pick a nice handwriting and place it in a violet nuance also! The wedding invitation will certainly look great, don`t you think so?


As you can see flowers can be an inspiring theme for invitations and depending on our tastes you can combine this motif with other motifs and nice colors and your invitations will certainly look tempting!