Wedding Planning – The Fifth Step – Invitations

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the fifth step in the wedding planning, i.e. the process that has to do with wedding invitations. The reason why we have pointed out this criterion as a very important step is due to the fact that this may be the first wedding item that your guests will be able to see. At the same time, for some it may be the very first news of this union between the two of you, thus it plays quite an important role. Also, wedding invitations are important because they will let your wedding attendants learn a lot of important things regarding your nuptials.
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However, there are a few crucial things that one has to settle before deciding on the right model, color, and information that is to be written on the invite. Obviously, one does not make the wedding invitations before deciding on the right wedding venue or before picking a wedding date. But, I’m sure that you have settled these elements so far, therefore you are able to proceed with the other things.

Wedding Planning - The Fifth Step - InvitationsCredit
Wedding Planning - The Fifth Step - Invitations

Generally, every bride and groom picks a certain wedding theme or color, which will later on help them with the other important details, such as: picking the proper wedding decorations, wedding favors, table cloths, save the dates, and so on. It is needless to say that your wedding invitations must correlate with the theme and color of your nuptials. Thus, you will inform your friends and family about the design of your ceremony. Also, in order to find out if they will attend a casual or informal wedding you should focus on choosing a stylish or informal design for your invites.

The font of the words that you will use in your wedding invitations is another hint of your ceremony style. And here couples have a lot of options: for a traditional wedding they may pick something that would resemble with a document from the Victorian times, whereas for an informal wedding they could choose something more modern.

Wedding Planning - The Fifth Step - InvitationsCredit
Wedding Planning - The Fifth Step - Invitations

But, since we decided to deal with this field now, i.e. the words from your wedding invite, we should let you know that it is very important to choose wisely your sentences. Of course that there are various models on the Internet that might help you, but what we were trying to say is that one should not forget to mention all the important details. If the bride and the groom want their guests to be properly dressed then they write on the invite if the wedding is going to be formal or casual. Also, if they have other preferences, these should be written here too.

Wedding Planning - The Fifth Step - InvitationsCredit and wording examples
Wedding Planning - The Fifth Step - Invitation wording

For instance, if the bride would like to wear black on her wedding day, she will have to mention that this is a forbidden color for all the other female guests. Anyway, here is a nice website where you will be able to find everything you need to know about the text of your wedding invitations.

Also, do not forget to specify the place and the wedding date. These are important facts and the bride and the groom should make sure that these will be noticed.

Wedding Planning - The Fifth Step - Invitations CostsCredit and costs details
Wedding Planning - The Fifth Step - Invitations Costs

Another thing that we wanted you to know is that if you want to receive money as a wedding gift, the wedding invite is not the means of letting the others know. Usually, this thing is told to the parents, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and so on, who will pass this info on to the other guests. So, keep your wedding invitations elegant and let the money affair be solved through other methods.

Another important criterion that one should do before actually ordering the wedding invites is to make the wedding guests list. This means that you will have to make a list including all your relatives, friends, acquaintances, and so on. This will be very helpful because thus you will become aware of the people you know and it will be possible for you to decide who to invite and who to miss. Since this is a happy event, when you should have the time of your life you would better have at your wedding only the persons you love and appreciate. Anyway, the point is that by making this list, you will acknowledge the number of people that will receive a wedding invite from your part.

Wedding Planning - The Fifth Step - InvitationsCredit
Wedding Planning - The Fifth Step - Invitations

In case there will be too much people, you should give up inviting some of the guests, because as you well know having less wedding attendants means that you will be able to comply with your wedding budget. Thus, see who you could cut from the guest list, in order to pay less money for the wedding invitations.

Also, the predominant colors of your wedding invites should correspond to the shades you have picked for your nuptials. At the same time, think about beautiful color combinations that would help a lot at creating a beautiful design.

Wedding Planning - The Fifth Step - InvitationsCredit
Wedding Planning - The Fifth Step - Invitations

If you wonder when is: the best time to send the invitations, the answer would be to send them three or four months before the wedding ceremony. This time is long enough for the wedding attendants to get prepared, but also short enough to prevent them from forgetting about this happy event. In case there are some friends whom you lost track with but who you would like to have at your party, then ask other potential guests if they know something about their current address, or if they could pass the invites to them.

This is all you need to know about wedding invitations. In case you wonder which will be the next step we will deal with then you should know that next time we will be talking about hiring a wedding planner. Thus, follow us and get informed about the wedding planning process.