Pocket wedding invitations

So, you’ve decided on a wedding date and you know for sure where you’re going to organize the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception after. What remains to be done next? Well, sending the wedding invitations of course….

The wedding invitations are like a mirror for you: they show your personality, way of being and they’re the first contact that you have with your guests. Depending on the message you want to transmit, you can adopt a style or another: you can be classical and detached and address yourself in an elegant manner to your future guests or you can do it in a funny way, in such a manner that when your guests are going to open the wedding invitation envelopes they’re going to burst into laughs – it’s your choice!

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Pocket wedding invitations

In the following lines, we’re not going to speak about such messages that can be placed on the wedding invitations, but we’re going to present an interesting wedding invitation that caught our eyes instantly and we think that they’re useful to you – the pocket wedding invitations.
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The pocket wedding invitations are small, that’s exactly why they’re called in this way. We’re thinking that you need to know about multiple such wedding invitations in order to make a general idea.

So, one made in black with white and violet seems a nice combination. This particular pocket wedding invitation is placed directly in the envelope which opens like a gift. In the middle side of it you can observe attached the proper wedding invitation that is made with your picture and we want to recommend a funny message to it – due to the fact that it’s realized in these rather dark tones.

In the case in which you didn’t seem to like the idea of a pocket wedding invitation that is designed with a picture of you two, the flower motifs will always suit you.

So, we’re thinking of a wedding invitation that is done in grey, white and violet tones. This one is placed in the envelope that opens really easy and the guest will be faced directly with the text on the wedding invitation. Also, you can observe the flower detail on one side of the invitation card, flower card which can be re encountered on the front side of the wedding invitation envelope.

Source: http://www.bestbridalprices.cceasy.com/We_ViewEns.cfm?sItemCode=WedEns9268&sCatalogCode=WedEns15CC&iStartRow=9&format=WedEns15CCa&strcontinue=yes&strsearch=yes
Pocket wedding invitations

In case you want to make your pocket invitation rather funny and in a fall ambience, then here’s another small accessory that we want to recommend to you and which it’s realized with colored dots and small leaf details.

Source: http://www.bestbridalprices.cceasy.com/We_ViewEns.cfm?sItemCode=WedEns6324&sCatalogCode=WedEns15CC&iStartRow=17&format=WedEns15CCa&strcontinue=yes&strsearch=yes
Pocket wedding invitations

This one has the wedding date and the names printed on the front together with the colored details that we’ve just mentioned about.