5 suggestions for modern wedding invitations

Like in the case of the wedding flower arrangements and the bridal gowns, the wedding invitations that one applies for, are all about novelties and fresh tones. The more attention one pays for making the wedding invitation look unique, the better the card looks and it will be more tempting for the wedding guests to attend. Also, you can be taken as an example by the ones that are going to get married in the near future, because in this way you show just how unique you are. These being said let us continue with sharing you the latest trends at the level of wedding invitations, shall we?

suggestions for modern wedding invitationsCredit
Suggestions for modern wedding invitations

1. Are you a flower person?

The flower motifs were really popular at some level, but now it seems that just a particular type of flowers is in trend: the Asian influenced ones, these are sewn in the back side of the invitations and the funny thing is that this part is used like a tissue paper that separated the proper wedding invitation and the response card.

suggestions for modern wedding invitations Credit
Suggestions for modern wedding invitations

All the 3D details and elements are in trend. Why not place tiny flower details at the basis of the wedding invitations, or a Chanel inspired flower that is designed from fabric and which looks vintage in the same time? The wedding invitation will be offered an extra interesting air with a flower detail, a flower blossom placed in one corner of the wedding invitation.

2. Are you a ribbons person?

The ribbons have always been an in trend motif and you have observed them probably in different ways being wrapped around the wedding invitation: in the middle, on a diagonal posture, on the margins and in different dimensions.

So, there are all kinds of such ribbons which are considered in trend, from those that are made of nice patterns, to ribbons belts or a small silver buckle. The fabric from which the ribbon is made of, this is also an important aspect: these can be made of velvet, silk or different other precious types of fabric. Now, it only depends on the budget you are willing to spend on the wedding invitation pieces.

3. Are you the kind of person that is into all sorts of patterns?

If you are curious what seems to be in trend, well you need to know that there are all kinds of fancy papers that have caught the eyes of the wedding stylists. So, now we’re speaking at the level of the wedding invitation envelope, the paper imitating with ease the fancy Florentine papers or on the margins you can observe embossed borders like vine made in ecru or gold.

You may stick to one palette of colors or you can mix the patterns. Think of three types of patterns mixed together and in this way you will obtain a fashionable and fun wedding invitation envelope. The patterns that you make up your mind on should be accordingly your spirit. So, think of flower patterns, dots, stars, hearts, stripes, lines, polka dots and the list can continue.

4. Do you like the idea of monograms?

We heard that traditional monograms are really in, at the level of wedding invitations and in fact, they have been used for ages and ages. In most of the cases, these contain the initials of the groom and bride.

But, what is indeed in at the level of wedding invitations with monograms? Let’s see: the classic look of the monograms applied on the wedding invitation, such as a stamp or even a badge or logo, similar to a family’s historic seal. Like in the first case of monograms, they have to be related to the name of the bride and groom.

5. Are you the kind of nature person?

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For this type of wedding invitation with this theme you are more likely to see different motifs, such as pressed leaves or flowers or different such elements taken from the nature.

What’s really in when it comes to wedding invitations like these? Think of the ordinary wedding invitations with nature theme and motifs and add a trendy font or trimmings. Also, a fashionable idea would be to make an invitation green and similar to a leaf with all the lines, which are specific to it.

The same thing stays in the case of the wedding invitations with marine theme: throughout the time there are all kinds of elements used on these like sand, sea stars, sea horses or algae. Nowadays it is considered really interesting if you stick some seashells or some sand grains on the wedding invitation….