10 wedding invitations ideas

The wedding invitations are between the first steps to be made in a wedding ceremony. Not only do they give your guests a clue on what is going to happen, but also it’s like a card for showing your tastes and what you intend on sharing with your attendants in the big day. Nowadays, it isn’t considered fashionable to make a wedding invitation and send it via post, it’s rather old fashioned; there are other ways that will prove to be less expensive and more efficient.

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Wedding invitations

The most effective and cheaper option is to send your wedding invitations through e – mail and in this way you are going to have time saved and some expenses lowered. Of course, we have shown you the easiest solution that you can take into account at the level of wedding invitations; let’s see some awesome ideas for those that are into the classic way of sending wedding invitations and into old fashioned cards.

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Wedding invitations

1. Announcing the engagement and the wedding date

When you announce the engagement, the next question that pops out is related to the wedding date. If you have already established it, we would like to offer you some suggestions that are related to a very interesting way in which you can share your joy with the others: create a timeline that is realized with the help of your most dearest pictures and send it online or if you have enough money and time, you can order this timeline printed, but made in a miniature option – everything is possible in our days.

2. Painting the wedding invitations

The wedding invitations can be made with your own paintings and by using the same watercolor, if you don’t want to end up with an expensive solution. Also, this style of wedding invitations can prove to be kind of pricey and this is why we recommend you to do them at home, if you have free time.

3. Vintage is always in

You can recall those postcards, which have the classic image of young couples standing on the beach. This is among the most common vintage image that we have in our minds and you can do the wedding invitation exactly like a post card.

4. Printed napkins

A nice idea would be to print napkins and use them as wedding invitations, which can be placed in wedding invitation envelopes, exactly like normal invitations. Certainly it’s an idea that you surely didn’t encounter in other weddings and you can be certain that you are going to make the difference with it.

5. Foil stamped invitations

This type of wedding invitations is made under the printer that uses pressure, heat and metallic paper. This will create a rigid impression and for this matter there will be couples who avoid such styles, but it’s a great idea to take into account – it’s one that makes the difference.

6. Personalize the wedding invitation

A wedding invitation is considered even more interesting if it reflects your personality. Ask the person engaged in making the wedding invitation, to offer it a touch that recalls of your way of being or something that characterizes you pretty much. You can add to the wedding invitation some drawings or caricatures, it depends only on your personal taste.

7. The family tree

Well, you know pretty well that in wedding invitations there are also the family members recalled and you can honor them with the help of a wedding tree that can be painted with ease on the surface of the card. Mention both the bride and groom’s family and with colors make the difference between the two.
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8. A poster wedding invitation

In most of the cases, such a wedding invitation is considered to have big dimensions, but not that big as not to fit an envelope. So, apply for a sheet of paper and write your wedding invitation there, but don’t forget to make it with big letters and characters.

9. Cute applications

So, you made up your mind on a simple wedding invitation and you want a special something that will make the difference, but you don’t quite know what. An idea is to stick flowers, made of silk on the surface of the wedding invitation, but buttons sound as nice as the first option.

10. The pop up invitations

These kinds of wedding invitations are no news to you: just open the normal card and you see a chariot coming out from the invitation or even the bride and the groom; it’s made of paper of course – but you can pick the model that you think it’s more appropriate for you.