Interesting models of wedding invitations

The wedding invitation is the first step for initializing a wonderful ceremony, maybe the most important event in one’s life. In order to determine your guests to come to your wedding you should think of an interesting design and push your guests to be tempted to come and eventually accept your invite.

interesting models of wedding invitations

The words put in your small card should confer your desire of having only loved people at your wedding. We start with presenting you some interesting models of such invitations, which don’t have a basic theme…. Maybe you’ll take them into consideration and accept our piece of advice.
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It’s spring and beautiful outside and your wedding takes place in this delightful season. In this case we recommend you a yellow invitation with some natural elements on it. For instance you can have a small drawing on it with a tree or some grass threads. The invitation can look like a postcard and you can place it in a similar colored envelope and on it you can have pretty and colored flowers!

interesting models of wedding invitations2

We continue with a pretty colored model. The basic color is grass green and you can have it made of several pieces of cardboard. On the green cardboard there is a blue and white card with green model and nice writing. You can also put a green ribbon with blue dots which ends with a bow. Place the invitation in a green envelope and send it to your future guests.

Another nice model is a cream invitation with nice patterns in its corners. Think of interesting motifs and models and place them on the piece of cardboard. You can blend the cream tone with a dark blue and the chromatic effect is quite interesting. If you place this invitation into a dark blue envelope or white, then it’s perfect!

interesting models of wedding invitations3

Have you ever though of attaching a nice and colored peacock feather? A yellow invitation with a blue background would be wonderful! Stick two green ribbons in two corners of the invitations in these two ribbons you can stick a colored feather! The effect is guaranteed and you can be sure that no one has ever thought of such an idea. You can also apply for a blue invitation with such a feather drawn on one side of it….

interesting models of wedding invitations4

As you can see there are numerous examples of nice invitations for which you can apply for! We recommend these ones and there will be other examples in the future period and we promise these will get more and more interesting. If you consider these suggestion as being useful or not we expect you to express your opinion regarding them and if you want a particular type of invitation you’re free to propose it!