7 steps in customizing the wedding invitations

As couples tend to get kind of pretentious at the level of every element, we find that customizing some of your details in the bridal day is the right thing to do – as long as you have a well fixed idea. So happens in the case of the wedding invitations: some are not that pleased of the models and examples they observe although there are a multitude of examples from which they can choose. Of course, we tell you that it’s rather impossible not to find what you were looking for, because lately there are all kinds of models shared and few are the chances for you not to “fall in love” with at least one model.
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In the case in which you really want to make the difference and apply for a wedding invitation that is totally you, then we recommend you to work with a professional stationer, but not before consulting your wedding budget and see how much there is left available.

7 steps in customizing the wedding invitationsCredit
7 steps in customizing the wedding invitations

This is not a simple task, to customize your wedding invitation as your personal tastes and this is why we have some helping hints that are going to seem pretty useful in the road to making the appropriate wedding accessory.

Imagine your wedding invitation – how do you want it to look like

So, take some free time in which you have to imagine how your wedding invitation has to look like, or in other words, what do you imagine it being like – so that it totally characterizes you. Think of the colors, the photos and images adorning it, as well as the font you expect it to have. This is the first step, because before you go to a professional, you have to have at least a general idea concerning the invitations and their way of looking.

Make a design plan

Decide just how customized you want the wedding invitation to be, because if it’s a complicated choice, then you would need a bigger team of professionals. Besides the particular color you have chosen, there are certain printing methods you would take into account? Is this wedding invitation’s design asking for a particular printing method or do you want a favorite flower placed on it? In case you only have a vague image on how the wedding invitation looks like, then you should consult the professional and maybe he/she will advise you on what suits you better.

Gather the invitations you liked

It might have happened for you to receive a wedding invitation from someone that you simply adored from the first instant. Also, if you have browsed on the internet and you observed a particular model, print it and gather it together with the rest of your “collection”.

It’s hard to find the right designer

Like in the case of the wedding dress, the designer for the wedding invitations has to be picked with much attention. You have to talk with lots of such designers in order to establish the one right for making your wedding invitation. Ask each one of the designers to bring some of their previous works, so that you have a general idea of how they work and what is their style generally. Take your time in picking the one for designing the wedding invitations, because finding a person that really will understand what you are asking for can turn out to be difficult and it’s worth waiting.

Pick a color

Before arranging the wedding reception venues, the wedding invitation has to be picked first with all the colors and the right details. So, think of your wedding invitations if: you will use one color, or several, or patterns, or if you decide to pick directly colored paper or if you want it to be simple in black and white.

The motif is important

So, besides the color you also have to pick a motif and this means applying for a symbol or a monogram, or even for flowers. You take the decision, because your wedding invitation will be customized, remember? Depending on the wedding venue that you pick, maybe you guide yourself and realize this customized wedding invitation that we have mentioned about.

The size and shape are important

The size of the wedding invitation is important, because in this way you pick the envelope in which the wedding invitation will be sent. Besides this, you have to make sure that the shape of your wedding invitation is appropriate to be placed in all kinds of envelope formats.