Greenvelope wedding invitations

Everyone wants that his or her wedding day is special and sincerely from our perspective the greatest way of doing this thing is through the invitation – first of all! You know that the wedding invitation that you apply for is the first contact that you have with your guests….

Greenvelope wedding invitations

As usual, we’re here to help you and we have a neat solution in case you’re fed up of the classical invitations made of cardboard, with a drawing on them and with different other attachments. And the story doesn’t end here, because we were thinking about those people who want to save the nature even in their wedding day and they want to be special as well.

Greenvelope wedding invitations 2

Well, we’re here to suggest an innovative electronic wedding invitation service in case you want to be special, different and be eco friendly in the same time. We’re sure that this sounds pretty interesting to you and before mentioning some words about the Greenvelope service we think that it would be a great thing to know about the offer that you are brought throughout our side by using our coupon code “MyWeddingDream” and in this way you end up with saving a great amount of money, you’re eco friendly and really special through the choice you make.

Greenvelope wedding invitations 3

Not only is this invitation simple to send and it has a really fast approach, but in the same time it has so many models for which you can apply for and the range of possibilities is so big, that less are the chances for you to remain dissatisfied.

Greenvelope wedding invitations 4

So, you can customize and send formal invitations to your guests through the usage of the Greenvelope service, Greenvelope being an abbreviation for the Green Envelope.

Greenvelope wedding invitations 5

It seems that more and more couples are going to be happy from now on! They’re going to be able to save some money with only a click of a button and in the same time you have the possibility of adapting the wedding invitation accordingly to the wedding theme you have or the season in which the wedding takes place!

Give it a try: Greenvelope