Interesting models of invitations 2

We decided to continue the topic regarding the interesting models of wedding invitations and we’re back with fresh models and we hope that you’re interested in our suggestions.

interesting models of invitations 2

So, the first model we want to mention about regards a normal invitation, made of cardboard. This invitation is white and it has a cream tone background. On the middle part of this invitation you can see a line with beautiful patterns on it, with flowers and different models….
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
The same combination can be done with a pink background and a middle side with a yellow ribbon. The first invitation can be placed in a green or a yellow envelope and the last one suits perfectly with a yellow one.

interesting models of invitations 23

We like the idea of simplicity. This simple that tells us so many things is quite a great choice sometimes and we surely hope you consider in the same manner when you read this suggestion…. So, we recommend a white invitation that has nice and blue drawings on it, like lines and flowers and on the middle of this invitation you can have a blue spot, a blue square or rectangle on which you may write your invitation literally!

interesting models of invitations 22

We continue with the classical idea of black and white, which goes so great sometimes… for instance, this time we present you a white invitation with a black border. In the down side of this invitation you may found nice models with circular lines that may have a little touch of vintage…. The writing is white and it can be done to imitate the handwriting or whatever model you think it suits you the most.

All of the examples up until now suggest a white invitation. We continue our series of white invitations with different motifs in the background or even layers of colors…. This one is also white and it has a green border, and some flowers sketched in one corner. The writing is brown and it goes really well with the rest of the invitation. Try to find a nice writing, one that catches the eyes of your future guests, for instance….

And let’s not forget! In order to make this invitation look more interesting you may buy some brown boxes and place it there! It may cost some money in addition but we think it’s worth it, because the people that are going to receive them will certainly be delighted when they see them….

interesting models of invitations 24

No more to say! We promise that we’ll continue this topic and present you more and more interesting ideas, because there are many other examples left and we always feel like we should help you and get you some helping hints regarding every little detail that regards the happiest day of your life. So good luck in recollecting ideas from us and we hope that you get only the things that you’re interested in. and as we mentioned several times before, we want to know what you’re interested in and what do you want to really know about.