Picking the wedding invitations

You have settled with your husband for the wedding date, the restaurant is already arranged and you succeeded in renting the place. The only thing remaining is to follow the schedule and see that the next thing remaining to do is picking the wedding invitations.
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Six months before the wedding

This is the ideal timing for searching for the wedding invitations and you have lots of available time as you can observe. We recommend you to make a list with the wedding guests and confirm their exact addresses.

Four months before the wedding

You have to ensure that the wedding invitations are already ordered. Make sure that the text is written correctly. The addresses should be known for sure by now and don’t forget to take these complete, in order to avoid the unpleasant gesture of these being returned. In any case, you can make sure that you order with 10 or 15% more wedding invitations and wedding envelopes – you can mislead their writing or they can get lost.

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Wedding invitations

Three months before the wedding

You should start with writing the wedding invitations, but one by one. Hire a person who handles really well handwriting in order to confer a plus of style.

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Wedding invitations

Two months before

See the wedding invitations once again, in order to make sure that no one has forgotten about them.

Six weeks before

Send all the wedding invitations or offer them personally.

picking the wedding invitations Source
Wedding invitations

Two weeks before

Now, you should have all the answers to the wedding invitations. There will be a final numbering of these.

It’s important to:

  • Define your style
  • The wedding invitations are the perfect reflection of your personal style and the style of the wedding invitation. Look for inspiration points in your favorite color combinations, in the wedding theme and in the elegance and the cheerful tone of the wedding reception.

  • Do your homework
  • Get inspired or visit different wedding sites or bridal shops, in order to find the wedding invitations that are made accordingly to your personal style. Once you have made a list, ask for the opinion of your friends or for other brides, in order to find out their recommendations as well.

  • Research with attention
  • Find out about all the details that you need before signing the contract. Ask for samples of wanted models and get informed of who else ordered them.

    The big bridal shops offer a larger range of wedding invitation models – sometimes really cheap and with special designs.