Story of the wedding invitations

The wedding invitation is that letter in which you ask the guests to attend your wedding. This particular wedding accessory is written in a formal manner and it can be mailed in five to eight weeks before the day in which the wedding takes place.

The wedding invitation is made in behalf of the bride and groom and his family. Also, in the same envelope in which it’s placed, you are going to observe the response to this invitation, which will be given back by the future attendants.
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The wedding invitation text varies from a country to another; it depends on the language and the culture. In the Western side, the text of the wedding invitation consists of a formal language, in the third person, referring to the hosts who wish that the person in matter attend their wedding, offering in the same time information about the date, place and time.

In most of the cases, the hosts of the wedding are the parents and they are mentioned in the wedding invitations as well.

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Story of the wedding invitations

In less formal contexts the wedding invitations are made by mouth or by formulating a letter, which is written by hand. As long as the information given is right, we don’t see why you shouldn’t make these wedding invitations as you wish.

The wedding invitations are made in a really commercial way nowadays, in them being used various methods, such as: letterpress printing, engraving, thermography and in some cases blind embossing, as well as offset printing.

Now that the technology aspect isn’t considered a problem anymore, you are able to observe how more and more brides design their wedding invitations at home, with the help of a small gadget and paper! There are numerous models that can be encountered on the internet, so the only thing remaining for women is to use their imagination as much as possible.

Back in time, wedding invitations used to be handwritten, but if the guest list was kind of big, then surely somebody had problems with their hands. Let’s be serious: how much can one write and especially for his or her wedding?

Though you have to know that such wedding invitations are considered the most correct and favorable for the one who makes the wedding – like the others, they should be written in formal style or less formal style if you take your wedding with close ones.