Top Wedding Invite Questions Part One


Wedding invite etiquette…it remains a viable topic within the industry. Paper invites are still the norm, as evites and Facebook invites are considered poor taste. Let’s look at the top five wedding invite questions to help you navigate this part of planning.

Question #1: When Should I Send My Invitations?

Tradition states invitations go out six to eight weeks before the wedding. This gives your guests plenty of time to decide if they can attend, arrange for babysitters and the like, book plane tickets if necessary, and so on. If you decide to send out save the date cards, they usually go out six to eight months before the wedding.

Question #2: How Should I Handle The RSVP Date?

Make your RSVP date two to three weeks before your wedding. This provides enough time to get a final head count in regards to seating, food, alcohol, etc. If guests have still not given their answer by the RSVP date, call them or have one of your bridesmaids do it.

Question #3: Where Should I Include Wedding Website Information?

Wedding website information is usually placed on your save the date card. If you are not sending such cards, include the web address at the bottom of your invite or wherever else is convenient and looks good.

Question #4: Is It Better To Include Registry Information On My Save The Date Or Invite?

Neither. Including wedding registry information on either piece of mail is considered impolite. Rather than looking like you’re demanding gifts, tell your parents and bridal party where you are registered and let them spread the word.

Question #5: How Can We Make It Clear That Our Wedding Is Adults-Only?

Address your guests by their names and avoid language such as “and guest.” If some of your guests reply that they are bringing your children, call them and politely let them know otherwise. Tell your bridal party to let people know as well.

Look for Part Two of this series!