5 wedding traditions that you must have at your wedding ceremony

Even if nowadays young couples want to skip as many wedding traditions as possible, simply because they want to reduce the stress and the fatigue at their wedding, there are still some wedding traditions which shouldn’t miss from any ceremony. The fact is that these rituals contribute at adding colour to your nuptials, this being the main reason why you should consider inserting the following wedding traditions in your wedding.
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1. The bridal bouquet should definitely be part of your wedding ceremony. Actually, a bride without a bouquet is incomplete, imagine how would an ocean look without its sandy beach and then you will see that it would be quite a deserted view to look at a bride without a wedding bouquet, Besides this aspect, the tradition says that flowers had the purpose of chasing evil spirits away. Therefore you shouldn’t risk having the presence of such dark characters at your wedding and you should totally have a wedding bouquet.

5 wedding traditions that you must have at your wedding ceremonyCredit
Wedding traditions that you must have at your wedding ceremony

2. Wedding rings are the elements that stand for the bride and the groom’s endless love. This passion and love without end is represented by the circularity of these items. So, even if you don’t like to wear jewelleries, you should make an exception for this occasion and you should totally purchase wedding bands.

3. Also, flowers are very important at every wedding ceremony; which is why flower girls should be present at every style and type of wedding ceremony. To be frank, we believe that your nuptials will lack their “salt and pepper” if you would not have these girls at this important event.

4. Apart from the flower girls there is another cute and adorable character at your wedding, this being the ring boy, also known as the ring bearer. This boy will carry a pillow, on which your rings will be placed and he will hand it to you at the exchange rings moment. However, nowadays it is possible to have a girl, your best man or even a pet to complete this task.

5. And last but not least, do not skip the throwing of the rice moment. It has a great symbolism, signifying that your wedding attendants wish you happiness and prosperity. Anyway, if you believe that rice will be too hard to clean up, you could replace it with birdseeds or blowing bubbles. No matter what option you will decide for, just don’t skip this beautiful moment