DIY Wedding Ideas From Pinterest


Pinterest is a great source for, well, everything, as it’s a virtual inspiration board that just keeps giving….you ideas. Review a few wedding ideas courtesy of the social media site to inspire your nuptials as well as your DIY efforts.

Ribbon Flowers

If you don’t want to sacrifice real flowers on your wedding day, learn how to make them from ribbons! Use this fun tutorial to create the flowers in your favorite hues and subsequently make sustainable bouquets that serve as wedding mementos. Other ideas for non-flower bouquets include buttons and jewelry.

Wedding Card Box

Make your own wedding card box for guests to place check-filled cards in. Create a banner that reads “Cards” with whatever applicable fabric you have that looks pretty, and decorate a cardboard or other sturdy box with wallpaper, fabric, ribbon…you get the idea.

I Spy Game

Write out a wedding-themed “I Spy” game on a substantial piece of cardstock or whiteboard to encourage guests to take pictures “the photographer might have missed.” Game ideas include “I spy…1. The bride and groom holding hands, 2. Someone making a toast, 3. Groom playing with his ring, 4. Bride dancing with her dad, 5. Mother of the bride crying, 6. Guest clinking their glasses, 7. Groom watching the bride from a distance, 8. Bride and groom kissing, 9. Favorite decorations, 10. Bride and her mother dancing. Add as many more ideas to your board as you want!

“Tough Guy” Reading

Find wedding-themed readings for the “tough guys” in the family, such as “I Promise,” and “Falling in Love is Like Owning a Cat.” The readings are sweet, funny, and will have everyone smiling. Choose your favorites or use the options to create your own versions!

What are your favorite Pinterest wedding tips? Share them in the comments!