Your First Christmas: Black Friday Basics for Newlyweds


If you are a newlywed, chances are you didn’t receive all the things on your Bridal registry, even if your shower guests were generous. Setting up a household takes time, and taking advantage of the biggest shopping day of the year is a great way to stock up on the things you still need. Black Friday sales aren’t just about Christmas gift giving, and newlywed shoppers can come away with some great bargains on appliances and other items just by shopping on Thanksgiving Day or the day after. So pack up your turkey, get to bed early and use these tips to make your Black Friday shopping a success.

The Earlier the Better

Many stores now offer Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving Day and even before. Retail giants like Wal-mart, Target and Sears open on Thanksgiving evening so those who want to get in on Black Friday deals can shop while everyone else is eating pumpkin pie. But watching the sale fliers the week prior can help you get in on the best Black Friday deals even before Thanksgiving Day. Many stores are now releasing their Black Friday deals early to get a jump on the competition. This is great news for newlyweds who need to get in on the best deals, but still want to spend Thanksgiving Day and the day after with their newly merged families. According to, National Deal Week officially begins the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and ends the Wednesday following Cyber Monday, so getting the best deals doesn’t always mean standing in line at 3 AM for the door buster.

Black Friday Apps

One of the best ways for newlyweds to get in on great deals is by using Black Friday apps. According to, 4 out of 5 Black Friday shoppers plan to use their mobile devices to plan their day and get the best deals. Apps like List Bliss lets shoppers sink their shopping lists for free in real time. This prevents those who are tag teaming from buying two of the same item. Zoomingo provides shoppers with a searchable catalogue of Black Friday sales from national retailers and allows shoppers to create a “watch list” and receive a text when items go on sale. Buy Via builds shopping lists based on your price points and preferences and updates your list across all of your devices. So, however you want to plan your Black-Friday shopping experience, there is an app available.

Shopping Strategies

Even though saving money as newlyweds is important, knowing how to shop with your partner can make the day much less stressful. Visiting favorite store websites to sign up for Black Friday texts and emails can help you plan where you want to go and what you what to purchase in advance. For example, Black Friday alert registration for JCPenney can be found here at Know what you want to purchase and shop in favorite and familiar stores to cut down on the time you spend searching for the items you need.

Using technology and signing up for text and email alerts before shopping can save you time and money and help your entire shopping experience go more smoothly.