Different flower arrangements for the reception 2

We remain here in the field of flower arrangements and we just wish we offer the right examples, the ones that you were expecting for a long, long time. Well, we want to give our best and we would like to share some examples of flower arrangements and pieces of décor that seemed the most interesting to us.

Let’s start with the first example that consists of flower arrangements which are placed on the same table as the wedding cake is placed. So, there are two flower arrangements and they’re put in the corner of the salon next to this table.

different flower arrangements for the reception 2

These are somewhere high above, on a support and they only consist of glass vases, containers which are filled with water and great looking flowers. The flowers that fill this container are lilies and callas with long strains and you can slightly observe a nice combination of green and white. Ok, so how about that? Does it seem pretty interesting to you? We’re certain that you enjoy reading about these examples and maybe you’re going to apply for one of them in the future. And as we said, there are examples, so this means that there’s more than one!
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Another example that we want to continue with is also designed especially for the elegant tables, ones in which everything is refined and you want to focus all the attention on slight details. So, there’s a cylindrical vase that’s made of glass and this one is filled with simple and exquisite flowers.

different flower arrangements for the reception 2 2

The flowers placed in it look gorgeous and they are combined with nice looking plants. Let’s also mention that you can observe some nice looking patterns on the surface of this vase and at the basis of the bouquet there’s a slight detail consisting of a pearl necklace or something looking similar that is placed around it and you can observe how it hangs around.

Who says that pink with green and silver don’t go great together? Well, in fact that goes so great combined that you just can’t imagine.

different flower arrangements for the reception 2 3

So there’s the flower arrangement that consists of pink flowers combined with red and at their basis you can observe green leaves. But this isn’t all! How about placing all the flowers that we’ve been mentioning about in a silver container that is made of metal or even of porcelain in this tone? We’re certain that you didn’t thought of all these aspects and most of all that you definitely have to apply for them in order to obtain a great looking wedding.

We promise to come back with some other examples in the future if you want to know more about the field that concerns the flower arrangements in a wedding.