Models of Biedermeier Bouquets 3

This topic is the last one regarding the Biedermeier bouquet for brides or maids of honor. Like all the time we promise to renew this subject some time in the future…. All these being said let’s start our small recollection of beautiful flowers, which look marvelous together.

models of biedermeier bouquets 3

So we start with a great looking bouquet that has as components strong colored flowers that really create an interesting chromatic effect. We start from the basis…. There is a layer of freshly looking leaves in deep green, the next layer is composed of yellow-green orchids, the other layer is made of deep red roses and the ending row is made of callas in a purple nuance. This bouquet has a strong palette of tones, but what’s the most interesting thing is that these really go great together and with the bride’s dress.

models of biedermeier bouquets 32

We continue with another interesting bouquet, which is made entirely of roses, but red and white or red and yellow roses. The basic row is made of red roses and it continues with the yellow or white one, then it’s the red one and it ends with a white rose in the middle. Between all these layers of flowers there is a separating one with fresh, green leaves. We like this combination very much and you can be sure that these look interesting when combined with the wedding dress. Let’s also mention that the spot where you keep the bouquet in your hands is covered totally by dark green leaves and the effect is breathtaking.

models of biedermeier bouquets 33

In this model roses can be found too, but not entirely. There is a playful combination of colors and we must admit that they go fine taken together: purple, orange and green. At the basis there is a layer made of small and violet flowers, we continue with orange roses, with another layer of green plants, a circle with carnation violet flowers and in the middle there are two orange daisies that come and complete the entire image. Wrap around this bouquet a green ribbon and you’ll see how you make chromatic line complete.
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We end with a nicely looking accessory that has roses between the composing flowers. There is a starting layer of ivory roses, and then it’s another ring of roses this time with a pinkish nuance, another layer of white flowers (not roses) and the rest of the bouquet is made of pink and white roses and in the middle side of this bouquet place a flower bud of the different flowers mentioned above. This bouquet looks perfect and you can be sure that it goes neat with the wedding dress.

models of biedermeier bouquets 34

We finished the list of Biedermeier bouquets, promising to mention about in another time. Next you will have some other great looking models of bouquets, but in a different arrangement and shape.