Get creative when it comes to your pink wedding flowers

As we promised previously, our examples of pink wedding flowers didn’t end with the last article. You’re going to read here about some great looking examples of such flowers in that particular tone and be sure that you’re going to feel pleased with all the suggestions that are offered here- you’re definitely not going to know what to choose exactly.

We start with some pink wedding flowers, which in fact aren’t real flowers, these are sweets. How about some sweet pink roses that are comestible placed in a cone, as to imitate ice cream? These types of elements can serve pretty great as wedding favors and we hope that you like this idea as much as we do. You can adopt an entirely sweet and pink favor or a green one. How about that?

pink wedding flowers 2

We continue with some other pink wedding flowers and this time we’re speaking about a wedding bouquet. This flower arrangement is made of rich ranunculus flowers with petals buds and it has a round shape. On the margins you can observe an entire layer made of green and good looking leaves together with some great looking leaves and small plants. It’s quite a great looking flower arrangement and you’re definitely going to love it when you gold it in your hands.

pink wedding flowers 2 2

There are also some other suggestions that need to be revised. For instance you can adopt for a rich wedding bouquet that is made of pink flowers combined with similar tones, like purple or ivory and let’s not forget about the marvelous combination between pink and green. Besides combining different colors and tones you can also apply for different species of flowers: tulips, roses, orchids, petunia, freesia and so on….

pink wedding flowers 2 3

Shall we continue our list of pink wedding flowers? Of course, we will because there are so many other examples left for you and we only want that you can have where to choose from. We’re speaking about a spherical bouquet that is in pink tone of course- it can be realized from natural flowers or from silk ones. In middle of every bud there’s a shiny “diamond”, which is made of course of plastic or glass, but if you have enough money you can apply for real diamonds.

pink wedding flowers 2 4

Let’s also mention that here and there between these flower buds there are some feather details that go really great in combination with the other elements. All in all, it’s a nice and good looking pink wedding bouquet and we just hope that you enjoy reading about our examples as much as we did when we recollected them and wanted to suggest these to you! Good luck in finding the appropriate pink wedding flowers for your special day.