Jasmine flowers at weddings

White flowers are a symbol of purity, innocence, respect and admiration. Jasmine is among the most wanted flowers when it comes to bridal bouquets and it represents a perfect choice for weddings. Its aspect and its scent are sure to leave an impression on your guests.
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Its small flowers buds, white and star shaped have made this flower a common choice for flower arrangements that are meant to be unique. Jasmine has a sweet smell that grows in intensity during fall. You can play with these flowers, you can incorporate them in your wedding gown, your bridal hairdo, or you can pin them to the outfits of your guests as cockades.

Also, you can put together an original bridal bouquet, or you can use these gorgeous flowers for decorations, to adorn tables or chairs or even the drapes in order to add a touch of freshness. You can even have jasmine as a part of your wedding favors; they will be considered very elegant details especially if the wedding takes place in spring or summer.

jasmine flowers at weddings

In addition, the specific fragrance is going to be the leitmotif of the night and it will enchant the guests. Choosing the flowers according to the season is a very good and easy way to organize your wedding successfully. Seasonal flowers are also a good option if your wedding budget is limited or you need to cut down some costs.

The name of the jasmine comes from the Persian “yasmin” that means “God’s gift”. The flower’s origin is the area of the Himalayan Mountains, from Persia and Kashmir where they are up to this day considered sacred flowers. A perfumed symbol of love, this flower is present in many Middle Eastern wedding ceremonies as they are thought to bless the new couple with profound affection and eternal happiness.

jasmine flowers at weddings 2

In the Islamic tradition, as well as in the Hindu one, jasmine is respected under the name of “perfume of love”. Also, in the Indians’ history there are many legends that are tied to this flower with special odor. One of them foretells about a beautiful Indian princess that has fallen in love with the Sun-God. As he refused her, the young lady committed suicide and from her ashes a flower with a gorgeous smell rose, one that did not bloom until the sun went down.

Jasmine is a fair symbol of attachment, sensuality, grace, modesty and elegance.