Wedding reception flowers and flower arrangements

The wedding reception flowers are among the most important elements that you can encounter in weddings and they can vary from a wedding to another. Not only are you able to combine different cute colors between them, but you also have the possibility of making the wedding flowers in bigger or smaller dimensions, accordingly to your own preferences.

We were thinking that you need to know some things concerning the wedding reception flowers generally…. These can be divided into multiple categories: from wedding centerpieces, to bridal bouquets, to different ornaments and wedding cake flowers – all these are included in wedding reception flowers and we’re sure that you already knew that.
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The wedding centerpieces can vary from tall wedding centerpieces, to really small ones or some simple flower buds placed around a tall candle.

Another great idea for tall flower centerpieces is related to the details involved in these: a tall vase or even a support surrounded by sticks and branches and in the top you can play with your ideas and flowers and create nice visual effects. The candle applications here and there are really important when it comes to wedding centerpieces. Also, using ferns and different branches and leaves seems a great idea as well…. No matter on what you decide to apply for, make sure that the colors of the flowers and all the details involved in the wedding centerpiece are appropriate with the rest of the elements involved in your wedding reception.

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Flower arrangements

We were mentioning something about the wedding centerpieces that can be made in a small manner, they can be designed in small dimensions or in other words we’re speaking about small wedding centerpieces. Such wedding flowers can be realized with ease with your own hands: take a small flower container, or a vase made of glass and fill it with water. Also, make sure that you cut the flowers short and the flower buds are small in order to create an interesting effect.

wedding reception flowers and flower arrangementsSource
Flower arrangements

Another great idea that we find suitable when it comes to wedding reception flowers and we’ve observed it in multiple weddings: a central piece consisting of a glass bowl, which is filled with water up to the middle and with flower buds and leaves placed in the water.

A brilliant idea would be to place instead of flowers and leaves or plants some small candles or any other floating details and elements, which have to be pretty colored of course.

The wedding reception flowers include the use of flowers in the different chairs and arrangements used in the wedding. We sincerely recommend the use of a flower bud in the back side of the chair and this will guarantee a nice visual effect to the entire wedding reception.