Romantic and vintage bridal bouquets

The wedding theme or style that you decide your wedding to have, can also be reflected at the level of the bridal bouquet and the wedding flower arrangements that you decide to apply for.

For instance, if you have opted for a rustic wedding theme, then certainly you need to take into account a bridal bouquet that is designed with flowers from the garden and the list does not end here, because here is how we decided to share with you some styles that can be applied at the level of bridal bouquets.
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The romantic bridal bouquets

You may have a hunch in what concerns these types of bridal bouquets, isn’t that right? Well, they certainly can be adopted in a romantic wedding theme or a fairytale wedding theme. What makes the difference between these wedding flower arrangements and others? Well, from what we have observed these are designed in fine touches of colors, they are made in faded tones of pink, peach, ivory, cream or even orange.

romantic and vintage bridal bouquetsCredit
Romantic and vintage bridal bouquets

The most common flowers that can be used in the romantic bridal bouquet are: roses, peonies, carnations, callas, cockscombs or orchids.

Vintage bridal bouquets

For such wedding flower arrangements you are able to use all kinds of flowers, the details are the ones that matter the most. You have to ensure that there is, at least, one object or element that recalls of the bridal bouquets kept in the hands of your granny.

We were thinking that it would be a great idea to add a piece of lace in the bridal bouquet in order to make it look better. Another important issue is to add pearls in the middle of the flower buds – this is also a vintage air offered to the bridal bouquet.

Romantic and vintage bridal bouquetsCredit
Romantic and vintage bridal bouquets

Using small flowers from your garden can also be something specific to a vintage bridal bouquet and these can make it look better, don’t you think so? As for the colors that are recommended for this type of bridal bouquet: we recommend tones like dark red, ivory, or orange. These seem to bring the vintage air better!

In case you have decided for one of these themes for your wedding day, then we consider that it would really be appropriate for you to apply for one of these bridal bouquet styles.