wedding flowers package

The wedding flowers package consists, of course, of a recollection of the same types of flowers used for different purposes. Throughout this article you’re going to read about some interesting suggestions and maybe you’re going to take these into consideration because you’re going to save some money.

Our first suggestion for wedding flowers package goes for the bouquets that can be used by the bride and the maids of honor too.

wedding flowers package

Most of the brides prefer to have different bouquets from those of the maids of honor, others simply don’t care and for that category we suggest rose bouquets. The bride can have a richer bouquet than those of the maids of honors and it can be made in different colors from the others…. If we come to think of it, these are quite great looking ideas and you end up saving some money too.
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Another wedding flowers package refers to two rose bouquets: one made of red roses and the other from yellow ones and these come together with cockades. You can adopt one of these bouquets if you’re a ride and leave the other to the maids of honor. Also, the cockades can be worn by the other members participating at the festivity as well as the groom.

wedding flowers package 2

You can adopt also a wedding flowers package that is composed of an arch made by flowers in various colors and some other flower arrangements that are made from the same type of flowers. We recommend this colored combination for an open air wedding and let’s mention that you can have these made of silk if the wind blows too fast or the sun doesn’t help you at all…. Quite a nice combination and idea, don’t you think so?

wedding flowers package 3

We get back to our first suggestion that refers to the wedding bouquets and this time you may choose some wedding bouquets made of callas, from the same color. In order for the bride to be different from the maids of honor she can adopt a longer bouquet, made of larger flowers. The cockades can be made from the same types of flowers and in smaller variants together with some other small plants and a petite ribbon, which ends tied in a bow.

wedding flowers package 4

If you’re interested in a particular wedding flowers package you’re free to share this with us and please tell us what you’re really interested in, because we want to know exactly what to browse for and bring it especially for you.