Know how to adorn your wedding venue using some wedding reception flowers

We we’re speaking about wedding reception flowers in our previous topic and here’s how we’re back and wanting you to have only the most interesting examples from where you can choose from. We hope you like the examples we’ve got for you and the future ones as well….
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We start with our first suggestion of wedding reception flowers and these look pretty great with all the elements combined in them. There’s a long metallic support on which you can observe several flower species combined: roses, peonies and lilies together with many green leaves that penetrate between the leaves.

wedding reception flowers 2

Also here and there you can observe some candles that come from the flower buds and these create an interesting visual effect, because these are white as the flowers used in the arrangement. Indeed, some interesting elements used here, don’t you think so? Let’s also mention that there’s an unique flower arrangement on every table and this will definitely create an interesting visual effect if you come to think of it: the ornament in the middle of the pretty well arranged table….

Similar to the model presented above there’s this one that will definitely captivate your eyes from the first moment you see it! So, this is a nice combination of white and green with shiny elements in it. The first element that we want to mention about is the long glass vase, which is filled with green leaves and shiny elements.

wedding reception flowers 2 2

The next thing that we have to definitely mention about is the bouquet composed of lilies and green leaves. Between the flower buds and the leaves you can observe shiny elements, which can be noticed in the vase as well. The candles won’t look that great if they are used here, because there are some other elements that will catch the eye immediately and the candles will definitely be an element that wouldn’t fit to the imagery.

Here’s the last suggestion up to this moment in what concerns the wedding reception flowers and it consists on a tall flower ornament as well – similar to all the examples suggested up to this moment. So, there’s this tall glass vase that has nice flower patterns on it and this one is filled with water. There’s a flower bouquet that is composed of lilies, roses and carnations together with some other plants and this time there’s the classical white and green combination as well.

wedding reception flowers 2 3

It seems that white and green are preferred by most of the weds, but there are some other hot combinations for which you can easily apply for…. Besides the white flowers that are used, there are also some green plants here and there that will definitely create a nice visual impression.