Tips on making the bridal bouquet homemade

Sometimes paying the florist is just too much for some couples! Yes, they can consider that this is another expense that they cannot afford, already spending too much money on the other assets and details. From this moment on, you are going to search for tips on how to make your own bridal bouquet and we sincerely understand why. And on top of all: how hard it can be to make such a flower arrangement?

To make a medium size bridal bouquet you will only need from 30 to 60 stems of flowers, a bucket, some, ribbons, paper towels, and green and waxed floral tape, a special stem cutter, a stem stripper or straight pins.

tips on making the bridal bouquet homemadeCredit
Bouquet with gerbera, roses and liatris

With only five steps you are going to know how to make your own bridal bouquets and it is not hard at all!

Prepare the flowers

Start with peeling the flowers from unattractive leaves and those uncomfortable thorns; after this, you should fill a sink with water and place the stems in this water as to cut their bottom with about 2 inches. After this, make sure that you nourish the flowers and place them in a bucket that is filled halfway with water.

Gather the flowers

Here comes the hard part: you take each flower stem, one by one and you place it tight one next to the other and in a square shape. In order to see whether or not the bridal bouquet suits you, make sure you stand in front of the mirror with the arrangement in your hands and so, visualize the moment you go in front of the altar with the bridal bouquet in hands.

Fix the flowers in the bouquet

This procedure involves the use of floral tape and rubber band in such a way as to end up with the proper bridal bouquet. Use, if it’s necessary, multiple such tapes and make sure that the flower arrangement is tight and no flower will be missed.

Finish the handle of the bridal bouquet

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The ends of the flowers that are irregular in shape should be cut and cut in the same length. The stems should be dried off with the help of a paper towel. The ribbon should not be omitted – it has to be cut longer (three times) than the length of the stems.