Wedding flower centerpieces 4

We continue our list of wedding flower centerpieces, because it seems that we’ve got plenty of examples to share with you and we don’t want you to get bored or something like that. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the articles that we’ve been presenting throughout the time in order to have where to choose from….

We start with a centerpiece example that consists of a cylindrical glass vase that is filled with sand and in it you place a branch with blossomed flowers on it. The idea is exquisite and great looking in the same time and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

wedding flower centerpieces 4

Our next example consists of a long flower arrangement that is filled with flowers, to be more exact these flowers are roses, but these are placed in such a manner that you can see a carpet created only of these…. Next to it there are some other arrangements that consist of flower of the same color and these are placed in different container.
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Another great idea would be to place in a glass container some strongly blossomed flowers and create a nice visual effect, is if it’s snow. This is an interesting idea and we hope that you consider adopting it and it’s quite a humble example if you just come to think of it.

wedding flower centerpieces 4 2

We continue with a centerpiece that is made in a very interesting way: it’s a glass bowl filled with water and some flower buds over. Underneath this bowl there are a lot of flower petals and you just can observe how all these elements cope really nicely together. Next to this arrangement you can place a big candle and the effect is guaranteed- you’ve got a nice wedding flower centerpiece, which isn’t that expensive.

Some other suggestions that we’ve got for you are simple to realize and you don’t need a lot of time or money in order to make these look great. We start with a normal bouquet that is made in white, pistachio color and yellow, place these flowers into a great looking vase and put it in the middle of the table.

wedding flower centerpieces 4 3

Another fine examples is to take a plastic container for flowers and place some chrysanthemum flowers in it( make sure that these have pistachio color or an interesting color tone), also you can combine roses with the bride’s flowers or any other plants and leaves and place them into a vintage looking pot. Doesn’t it sound interesting? We think that it is!