Great ways of using your wedding reception flowers

So let’s continue our examples of wedding reception flowers because there’s more that you have to know and where to choose from. We hope that you enjoyed reading about our illustrated examples and ideas and maybe these will complete in a way or another, the list….
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We start with suggesting you to add some neat and small vases in the middle of every plate. This will definitely create an amazing visual effect and if you add underneath the small vase three green leaves you’re going to end up with a really colored arrangement. The basic idea is to fill a thin glass made of transparent material with some rose flowers and with some other plants next to it and the effect will definitely be guaranteed.

wedding reception flowers 3

Another interesting example and very vivid is this one! It can be compared with many other examples that we’ve illustrated up to this moment and it is quite neat looking if we come to think of it. There’s a glass vase in square shape that is filled with water.

This vase has on every side some green stars made of fruits, but these can be might as well be made from other elements. Fill this vase with some great orchids and some other plants that are really interesting looking and you’re going to obtain a nice visual effect. Besides the color that we’ve just proposed and the flowers and plants used you may clearly apply for some others and be sure that the visual effect will be guaranteed.

wedding reception flowers 32

Another suggestion that we have for you can be also applied to single tables. Place in the middle of each table such an arrangement and you’re going to end up with a great looking table. This flower arrangement that we’re talking about is made of lilies, roses and carnations together with green leaves. All these combined together look really fine and we’re sure that the visual effect is guaranteed.

wedding reception flowers 33

Here’s another neat looking arrangement that is meant to be placed in the middle of a table. We suggest a vase of ceramics in whatever color tone you like. Fill this great looking vase with flowers and make sure that these are in different dimensions and colors as to create a nice visual effect. Wrap around this vase a transparent ribbon and tie it with a bow.

wedding reception flowers 34

We hope that you enjoyed reading about these examples and maybe you’re going to take into account one of these for your future wedding reception. These look interesting and we’re sure that if you give them a personal touch they will look greater!