Different flower arrangements for the reception

The flower arrangements for which you apply for in your wedding day and ceremony are really important and we’re sure that you’ve browsed and browsed for as many as possible. Well, let us share with you some interesting decorations that we found and we think that you’re going to enjoy reading about these as well as admiring them in the pictures.

So, we start with the first example as usual! This one consists of a pot that is filled with pretty and small flowers. This particular pot seems to be made of metallic material and it seems to be destined to wet the plants and irrigate them! Well, we’re not sure for what this container was used first of all, but we’re certain that it creates a really interesting perspective, which is really going to change the entire air on your table.

different flower arrangements for the reception

In case you saw the first example too simple or something like that, then it means that we’ve got just the right solution for you. This one consists of a table arrangement made in a very simple and elegant manner. You can observe in the middle of the table a long cylindrical container that is made in silver color.
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One of them is filled with callas and the other with freesias, but really long in the same time. So, let’s also mention that these are pretty lighted and that the silvery and shiny tone on the containers reflects the light in a gorgeous manner and that you’re going to obtain an interesting visual effect and it denotes elegance in the same time!

different flower arrangements for the reception 2

The next suggestion that we have for you as flower arrangement consists of a big cylindrical bowl that is made of transparent glass; in this one you can observe how water is placed in a gorgeous manner and some tulip threads are simply placed there and you can observe how the flower buds are placed on the “walls” of this container. We’re certain that this will definitely create an interesting perspective over the table and if you place it in the middle and light it a little bit, then you can be sure that you’re going to see a gorgeous adorned table that inspires life in the same time.

different flower arrangements for the reception 3

The last suggestion that we want to offer to you consists of a pretty colored flower arrangement, which we’re sure that is going to take your breath away immediately! So, this one consists of am orange and green flower arrangement placed in a simple container.

different flower arrangements for the reception 4

You can observe how the flowers and all those green pants seem to blend together as to create an amazing visual effect and no more to say….