Artificial wedding flowers 2

And always wanting to bring you interesting pieces of information and advice we’re not going to end with our examples that concerned the artificial wedding flowers, because you definitely have wher to choose from in this case….

So there’s a silk calla bouquet, which is made of silk obviously and this thing isn’t visible at all! You can observe nice lines on the flower buds as well as the details that make these flowers really vivid.

artificial wedding flowers 2

Between the flower buds that we were just mentioning, we would like to mention about some laced ribbons that look pretty nice and create a really nice visual effect. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the shiny ribbon on the margin that creates nice bows as well and together with the elements that we’ve just mentioned previously – in other words it’s ideal to be held by the bride in her wedding day.
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We continue our recollection with some other details and flowers that will definitely catch your eyes from the first moment! We start with a violet and white flower arrangement, which is artificial of course. This one is composed of callas and roses and with green leaves here and there. You’re definitely going to save some money by applying for such an arrangement.

artificial wedding flowers 2 2

Is it any need of us mentioning where exactly you can use this ornament? Well, we will do our duty and say it: use it in the middle of the table reception, in the church or in the salon in the corners, here and there….

Here’s another great looking flower bouquet, which is artificial in the same time and it would be really difficult for you to realize whether or not it’s made of silk. We will offer you the answer, which is: yes! It is made of silk and you can definitely observe some great looking flowers there, which won’t even be noticed as being artificial by those surrounding you.

artificial wedding flowers 2 3

So, there’s the combination of several types of roses in different color tones: white, ivory, pink, pale pink and so on. To these let’s add that here and there you can observe small little flowers, which aren’t roses and some really fine details…. Looks pretty great for some artificial flowers placed together, isn’t that right?

artificial wedding flowers 2 4

Our last example consists of course of a bouquet made of artificial flowers and which exactly is the fabric used in this case? Well, it’s definitely silk…. So there’s a nice combination between blue and white flowers and here and there you can observe green leaves; this is an interesting looking wedding bouquet and let’s mention that it looks vivid as well.