Flower arrangement suggestions for next year

So, pale tones are really going to be popular in the year to come and not only in weddings, but it seems that they’re popular in other fields as well. We just hope that the examples shared here with you are going to turn out useful when it comes to flower arrangements and not only – the entire aspect of your wedding.

We start with a flower arrangement that consists of a nice made white vase which is filled with white tulips. Such a flower arrangement is not going to look complete as long as you add their green leaves next to the buds. Indeed, great looking if you ask us and we totally recommend you to take into account such a flower arrangement in the big day.

flower arrangement suggestions for next year

Here’s a gorgeous looking bridal bouquet that is made of silk and you’re not going to regret taking it into account. We’re speaking about a flower bouquet that is made of peonies and which is adorned with glittery broaches. These glittery accessories are placed in the middle side of the flower buds and this will definitely create an interesting visual effect.

flower arrangement suggestions for next year 2

Don’t forget to add a white ribbon around this flower bouquet and this detail is going to make your bridal bouquet complete.

We have here another flower arrangement which is made in white as well and it’s recommended to be taken into account for an open air wedding. So, we’re speaking about a white metallic pot that is filled with white and small flowers and here and there you can observe the green leaves as well. All of these combined together create an interesting visual effect which we’re certain you’re not going to regret taking into account.

flower arrangement suggestions for next year 3

From flower arrangements for the tables we jump to those that refer to bridal bouquets – white bridal bouquets. These can be made of roses with peonies and make sure that they have green leaves here and there between the buds. Place all around the bridal bouquet a white ribbon and this will definitely make the imagery complete.

flower arrangement suggestions for next year 4

As you can observe it’s impossible to fail with white flower arrangements next year!

Also, for a wedding favor we would like to recommend a silver and glittery vase which has a cylindrical shape. In it you can place white flowers and of any type you wish. Make sure that in the end you’re going to bring a smile on the lips of your guests, because after all this is the most important thing if you think of it. Your guests and you have to feel great together and enjoy the ceremony together….
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