Wedding flowers

Wedding flowers…. In fact, we can’t imagine a wedding without flowers and this is a thing that you have to admit yourself, it’s impossible to have a wedding that isn’t adorned with flowers. We don’t see a bride without a bridal bouquet in her hands or bridesmaids without carrying those gorgeous accessories. Oh, and let’s not forget about the flower girl…. How is the flower girl going to look like without flowers in her basket? She wouldn’t be named flower girl at all, isn’t that right?
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The wedding flowers that one chooses for the big day depend pretty much on the other elements that surround the wedding. For instance, we were thinking that when you choose the centerpieces of the wedding flowers in general, you keep in mind the wedding theme. For this matter you have to take into account the fact that if you’ve applied for a red wedding theme then this doesn’t exactly mean that all the flower arrangements are made in red and just that. These are made in warm tones and you can mix different tones of red together and maybe with white. We like the combination of white and red and we think that they would really be appropriate for being used in wedding flowers as well.

For the wedding flowers with spring theme, we recommend the usage of bright colors. Take advantage of what spring has to offer to you and now we’re speaking about flower arrangements that are made in diverse tones and colors and from different mixtures of flowers. The final visual effect will be stunning and let’s also add that the smell is one to die for as well!


The wedding flowers that are usually used in summer theme weddings are usually fresh ones and they denote freshness. You can apply for exotic flowers or for a simple combination of daisies and a lot of grass in the centerpieces. We also recommend you to apply for as many colors as possible! Take into account mixing vivid colors and for this matter we totally think that the centerpieces and all the bridal bouquets are going to have a fresh green tone in them, all of these….

As you can observe, we’ve taken into account all the possibilities at the level of the wedding flowers and how they’re used during different seasons.

The last two seasons that remained to be taken into account and the corresponding wedding flowers: fall and winter.

During a fall wedding theme we recommend you to opt for warm tones, like orange, golden and even red. Let’s also add that all of these combined with tree branches are sure going to create the visual effect needed.

The winter wedding flowers are all about icy tones or red, golden and white. These are the tones that we recommend you to use during such a wedding theme.