Flower arrangements for the bride’s car 2

The previous flower arrangements as well as the other ones that we’re going to suggest to you are made of natural flowers and these create a delightful effect together. The main idea is to know how to arrange all those plants and flowers in a neat manner as to create an interesting visual effect! That’s the key and we’re certain that you’ve got some general ideas after reading the previous topic.

We start of course with the first suggestion and we would like you to take only the best stuff from here in order to make a general idea and see for what you can apply for in your future wedding. The first flower arrangement that we want to present to you consists of a long piece of décor that involves the usage of callas with roses and underneath them there are used also big leaves in a very intense green.

flower arrangements for the bride's car 2

These flowers are placed together exactly as if they create a wedding bouquet. There’s also an important element which we shouldn’t omit and is really interesting: the piece of flowing fabric that can be seen at the basis of the flower arrangement, somewhere near the front window of the car.
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The variety of colors used in this flower arrangement is also interesting: white, red and green and the piece of fabric is also white and it definitely is something interesting to apply for. Definitely a nice combination of details and we’re certain that you’re going to enjoy it pretty much. How about that?

Some extra touch of colors don’t do harm to anyone! Like in this case: we’re speaking about a nice looking flower arrangement that is designed in a circular shape and that combines perfectly green with pink. So, there are used green leaves and plants and a lot of pink flowers here and there as to create an interesting visual effect.

flower arrangements for the bride's car 2 2

Instead of the pink flowers there could have been yellow flowers or blue or even red. It depends on what color you prefer the most and also let’s mention that a very important thing is to add a piece of ribbon next to the flower arrangement as to create a coloristic pattern and let’s also mention that the color of this ribbon should be in coordination with the colors that can be seen in the flower arrangement.

As you can see we thought of all the aspects and we also like you to take into account one of the examples mentioned up to this moment. Sticking a flower arrangement on the car isn’t a hard thing to do and with much attention from your side you’re going to end up having a really gorgeous car from which you’re going to get out.