Rustic wedding bouquet 2

Here we are back with an entire list of wedding bouquets that take the rustic theme. These bouquets are really great looking and denote a certain simplicity that goes really great combined with elegance.

rustic wedding bouquet 2

The first bouquet we want to present you has at the basis red as a color. It is composed of numerous species of flowers: red roses with orange ones, but in really small buds, there are also red chrysanthemums with daisies also in red, carnations here and there and some other white flowers. This looks rustic because of the combination of the flowers; these look like in an unorganized garden, but certainly create a great image together….
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The same story is in this bouquet too and you just can observe this thing if you’re vaguely looking at this flower arrangement. This one is tied at the basis with a red ribbon in order to intensify the red tone, but another color would have been as appropriate as this one when it comes to the ribbon….

We continue our list of rusting wedding bouquets and offer you a bouquet made of a nice combination of orange and green colors with a touch of white in the middle. This bouquet is nicely wrapped around with a rope and canvas and that’s what offers this bouquet the rustic aspect.

rustic wedding bouquet 22

Come to think of it this is a quite great looking bouquet and we hope that you steal the idea, at least with the rope, because the flowers will definitely be chosen accordingly to your taste….

Another bouquet is made from wild flowers that don’t grow in one’s garden. There are some flowers that never fade away; there are also the forget-me-nots that are great in composing a bridal bouquet. Combine these with other flowers, with small buds and maybe some leaves on the exterior side and you’ll see that this petite rustic bouquet will highlight just how refined you are.

rustic wedding bouquet 23

Wrap around this bouquet some dry threads of reed and this is another rustic element that will definitely make this flower arrangement more interesting.

This final bouquet comes like a touch of green to all the colored models of rustic wedding bouquets that we’ve presented up to this moment.

rustic wedding bouquet 24

This flower arrangement is composed by green plants and different shaped leaves and in the middle there are used some bridal flowers, you already know how these look: those red big pearls, which in this case come to smash the entire visual effect. Let’s also mention the fact that this bouquet is wrapped around with a white ribbon, with shiny details on it.