Wedding flower ideas

Details are always important at a wedding and the flowers are the most important detail of a wedding.We can change definitely the theme of a wedding only by changing the flowers.For a sophisticated, wedding we can use Zantedeschia Aethiopiea by different colors.

Wedding flower ideas

Another choice can be the roses! But, in my point of view, I think roses are no more interesting flowers for a wedding.Anyway, a bouquet with red roses will contrast with a white dress.
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For a romantic wedding we have lots of flowers to choose from: tulips, freesia, lilies and so on. For a “fresh” wedding the perfect flowers will be the flowers field. Small and colored they will give to your wedding a freshness and innocent note.

For a more rustic wedding you can choose a bouquet with sunflowers and wheat ears. The groom’s flower must be like the ones you have in your bouquet, but simple and nice!

If you don’t use a tiara , you can also choose flowers to wear in your hair. Small or only one big flower, you will definitely have a fresh hairdo.

Wedding flower ideas2

The flowers used for your ceremony arrangements are also very important. You don’t have to choose elaborated arrangements because “less is more”. Use simple flowers, and do not mix big flowers like roses with big flowers like lilies… try to put one big flower and the rest should be smaller so that the arrangements will look nice. You can use flower petals and ask a little girl and a little boy to throw them on your way to the shrine.

The flowers for the wedding party , the ones you put on the tables are also very important. You have to know how to choose them. No matter if you opt for those arrangements which “stay” on the table or for those which are put in big vases, important is to choose them in such a way so that the guests can see each other and the flowers on the table won’t disturb them.

Wedding flower ideas3

The flowers should be on the table, the should be big and beautiful but in such a way so that the guests see them only when they enter in the “room” .Once they sit at the table, the flowers should not incomodate, when you choose the flowers for your wedding party , put the arrangement on the table, sit at the table and see if the incomodate you or not.

If you don’t want flowers on your table , a nice option could be the feathers. You can choose any color and they are easier to mix up with the rest of the “room”.

No matter what kind of flowers you choose for your wedding, essential is the following aspect: The flowers should be natural ones. And, as in each arrangement don’t forget that “less is more”!