Original bouquet

We know exactly what you’re thinking when you’re reading the articles that concern the wedding bouquets “well, this I’ve seen before and it’s not exactly what I want”…. Here are some hints that are going to push you immediately towards applying for some of our ideas. In fact, there’s nothing into it! You just have to read carefully the things exposed here and we’re certain that you’re going to end up with a gorgeous looking bouquet….

Here you have some steps that will make your wedding bouquet look special and it’s definitely different from any other that you’ve seen up to this moment: it’s original and you can realize it with your own hands if you want to.

original bouquet

So, we’re speaking first of all about a bouquet that is made of wild flowers. How about that? Well, it doesn’t sound a bad idea at all and we’re certain that you’re going to be able to apply it even in a fancy wedding ceremony. You just need some wild flowers or garden flowers and if you have a wedding that tends to be more elegant, it’s not a problem, we recommend you to use colors like white with yellow or cream, use in principle warm tones.
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As we mentioned previously, you can realize the bouquet even with your own hands. Choose them accordingly to your preferences and you can wrap them around with a ribbon or a lace. See? It’s not a hard thing at all; it’s really fun if we come to think of it!

Another great idea is to combine different colors in the same bouquet! Well, yes you can do it clearly and you don’t have to be afraid of doing it. Just pay attention to the colors that are used and make sure that these are tempered in nuances and tones. As a matter of fact, you can make these in the same color tones as the rest of the details used in your wedding. In this case, you can make it with your own hands if you want to!

original bouquet 2

The guests will probably have a hunch on what type of bouquet you’re carrying so, we’ve got here a neat suggestion: don’t make it long or short, make it in a medium size and also they will wonder if it’s a traditional one or that you’re carrying it on the arm, well you will confer a certain fluidity to it and in what concerns the colors, we totally recommend you to use your imagination as much as it’s possible.

These hints offered here guarantee an original bouquet and we’re certain that you won’t feel any difficulty while you’re trying all the possibilities exposed here….